A Look Back at 2020 Greatest Football Moments

Whilst 2020 has been a year marred with disruption and disappointment, football has managed in some form to provide some light entertainment to millions. Following a short break, competitive football has managed to return with a bang across the globe. Albeit without the most important aspect of the game, the fans, the sport has returned to normality as best as it can given the situation. It seems that this year has been a little void of any form of excitement and joy but there are a few great footballing moments from this year which will actually go down in history and shouldn’t be tainted by external circumstances. So, without further ado, let’s have a look back at 2020’s greatest footballing moments.

Whilst the football was a bit disrupted, the big teams have not failed to entertain us once again this year. From utterly spectacular performances to tactical masterclasses, the sport has managed to face adversity and provide some entertainment for people in a grim year. The wagers placed on today’s football bets and every other day have still rolled, the goals have still been scored and whilst fans have not made a full return to the stadiums they are getting there. All we can hope for is that these teams keep providing us with these amazing performances into the new year!

Leeds back up

As the 19/20 came to an end it was clear that one team had rightfully gained passage back to where they belong. Leeds saw themselves promoted to the English Premier League, where they rightfully belong. After a few years of turmoil this club has seen a revival in its rank led by the magnificent and eccentric Bielsa. This man has brought a style of football which is high risk, but large rewards when it does come off. Following their emphatic return to the big leagues, Leeds have managed to adapt well and look set to stay up with some great results against some of the big 6. Regardless of their results, this team is playing some mesmerising football which is of the highest entertainment. Full of goals and fast play you would be mad not to stick a few quid on some bets on this team.

Liverpool win league

The bookies favourite who were quite simply dazzling finally got what they deserved this year. The big boys went and won their first title in 30 years. After a season of complete dominance Liverpool topped the EPL triumphantly and although slightly disfigured by the Covid-19 pandemic, the team would still celebrate in style. Once the fans return to Anfield they will have to celebrate properly. Infact, by then Liverpool might have two league titles to celebrate, can they do back to back wins?. When it comes to the average punter, Liverpool have been a great way of boosting accumulators and coupons with near enough guaranteed wins and goals.

Bayern win the treble

It’s hard to believe, but Bayern Munich equalled the record set by Barcelona when they became only the second team in history to complete the European Treble. This would see their outrageously good 19/20 season finish with a perfect flush 11 game win streak in the champions league. Yes, they won every game in their champions league quest – including an 8-2 demolition of Barcelona! You literally could not ever guess something like that would happen. At some point you would figure there has to be a let up but this team seems indestructible at the minute. I just wish that I had put some money on it. No-one could have guessed how good Bayern were going to do to even try and win money on them out of the bookies they had that incredible season.

Celtic dominance

The Scottish Champions have been seeing insane dominance since the fall of their bitter rivals Rangers who went into administration. Since this, Celtic have been ruthless and undeniably dominant. 2020 would see the side take it to 9 league titles in a row – nothing short of remarkable for a European top flight league. On top of this, they managed to increase their dominance towards the end of 2020 when the postponed 19/20 Scottish Cup final was played which would see Celtic beat Hearts in Extra time to grasp a Quadruple Domestic Treble. Yes, that’s 12 trophies out of 12 since 2016. Pretty remarkable stuff for the team. However, this year you wouldn’t bet on them continuing that form as a certain Steven Gerrard builds a Ranger revival which looks set to pip Celtic to their 10 in a row clailm.