A Detailed Review of Netchex

The need for Payroll Software Programs

Any HR employee or manager can tell you that one of the most tiresome tasks of the month is to assign salaries to the employees. Not only you have to consider the changing work hours but also incorporate a personalized employee profile to figure out what the final payout will be.

How easy would it be if there was a software that could automate all these tasks, while also giving you the options to maintain each employees’ working status in real-time? This is exactly what all the payroll software companies intend to do with their top-quality products. Among the huge influx of payroll software solutions in the market, Netchex is a rare gem that solves all your problems and still manages to offer so much more to the table.

What is Netchex?

Netchex is a cloud/web-based Human Resources software. It offers businesses a very compact solution with excellent features that their HR departments would need in order to manage the employees of the whole organization. The software has been boosting the administrative services of companies since its start in 2003, providing them with top-class, modern technology with continuously updated features. It is designed for businesses of all sizes and covers a huge range when it comes to performing in an organization.

Whether you own a restaurant, bank, automobile showroom, school, or even hospital, Netchex’s adaptability makes it stand out as one of the best payroll softwares of 2021 for any company’s usage.

Key Features

Netchex consists of a lot of tools necessary for any payroll software program. These include the 7 main areas that cover all the requirements and reach of HR employees. These solutions are defined below:

  1. Recruitment and onboarding management – Netchex allows you to keep track of all the applicants and also provides an integrated onboarding platform to accelerate the tasks. The users can find and evaluate qualified applicants, send offer letters, shortlist CVs and resumes while also performing background checks on the candidates.
  2. Performance management – tracking the performances and working hours of each employee is made easier. This helps the users manage HR activity intelligently.
  3. Salaries management and Tax compliance – offering capabilities of direct depositing and automatic tax filing. It also provides options when it comes to the payment method.
  4. Time and attendance management – Netchex has a built-in dashboard that allows you to manage the attendance of your employees while also keeping track of how many hours they have put in. it consists of many different time collection options such as a customized web-based clock, timesheet entry or ethernet badge and biometric devices.
  5. Benefits management – you can decide which employees should receive administrative benefits from the company, based on their performances.
  6. Reports management – Netchex’s dashboard also features the ability to create personalized reports with its reports-builder, with a huge amount of customizations for its analytics. These customizations include custom-made fields, templates, and export options.
  7. ACA management – with help of Netchex, the employees themselves can keep in compliance with their Affordable Care Act requirements including health insurance management.

Special Features

Netchex offers a self-service portal to its users. This means that the workload of HR managers is reduced significantly because the employees of the organization can keep track of their own personal profiles in real-time. This helps the employees as well as they can view their information such as tax withholding, benefits, employment history, performance reviews as well as PTO requests. The accessibility feature also allows them to extract this information at any time.

The most astounding feature of Netchex, however, is its exceptional customer support staff, which is in a league of its own! They keep track of their clients by managing a client-based profiling system that learns their needs and requirements from the product. This results in the offering of a specifically tailored service that is personalized to every client’s needs.

Another thing that makes Netchex stand out among its competitors is its cheap price. Starting from only $12 per month, it proves to yield the best value for money.


All these important features of Netchex as a small business payroll software makes it one of the best cloud-based HCM (Human Capital Management) systems. The service is designed to help HR employees manage the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement.