A Complete Guide to Bridesmaid Duties

Being chosen to be a bridesmaid for someone’s special day can be both exciting and nerve wracking. Alongside the promise of good company and pretty dresses, being selected as a bridesmaid will usually come with some important responsibilities in making sure the big day runs smoothly. Therefore, there can often be a sense of pressure felt by those chosen to ensure the bride experiences the best day possible. If you have been chosen to be a bridesmaid, the most important thing to remember is that you were picked because of your importance to the bride, and your presence alone will be valued on the day, however, here are some ways you can fulfil your bridesmaid duties to the best of your ability.

Before the Wedding

The role of a bridesmaid is essentially to relieve some of the ongoing stress felt by the bride surrounding her wedding. This is why the duties of a good bridesmaid often begin much before the actual wedding day. 71% of brides will feel increasingly anxious leading up to the big day and as a bridesmaid, it’s your job to provide emotional support during this time. Make sure you communicate openly and honestly with the bride; they chose you for a reason!

A lot of stress derived from weddings comes from the organising and planning. Try to lend a helping hand wherever you can. You should aim to be present at all pre-wedding events, whether that may be full involvement in the dress-picking or planning the wildest bachelorette party, make sure the bride can see your dedication the role she has appointed to you.

During the Wedding

As a bridesmaid, your duties on the actual day are just as important as the preparation. The reality is, big or small, something will likely go wrong during the big day, and it’s your job to help resolve situations and let the bride enjoy her special day. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you know the plan; try connecting with the wedding planner to help spot any complications before the bride does!

Being apart of the wedding planning can definitely prove to be stressful, and you may at times feel a little fed up with it all. Just remember who you’re there for, and that the bride will likely be feeling much more stressed than you! Try not to complain about any of the proceedings, your bride needs positivity around her;  be consciously empathetic towards her anxieties, things can be overwhelming for a bride her wedding day.

Don’t forget to give the bride a special gift, you could even consider a personalised wedding card. This warm gesture will make your friend smile and result in her day being that bit more memorable.

Although it’s your job to keep the bride as calm as possible by keeping things organised and avoiding all unnecessary drama, the most important thing you can do is to make things fun! By following these tips, you will likely be able to create a fun and organised once in a lifetime event that the bride will cherish for the rest of her life! Good luck!