A Call for Sophomores: 5 Reasons to Get Into a Chase for Internship

As the job market continues to change, many students are having concerns about their employment. It seems that it is no longer enough to just have a diploma to pursue a decent career. It is always a good idea to start thinking about your future while you are still getting your degree.

If you are worried that you might not find a good job after graduation, you can look into some employment opportunities for students. Studies show that if you had an internship during college, you are more likely to get a job offer!

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What Is an Internship?

Before telling the obvious benefits of chasing such a program, it is important to understand the concept of what you are getting into. Today, a trainee program can provide a unique experience for a student who cannot commit to having a job full-time.

A traineeship should be seen as an opportunity to learn about the business world on a convenient schedule. Usually, students combine working as a trainee and getting a degree. You can work for a company for one month or one year, depending on your contract.

Some people are against such programs because sophomores are not getting paid, even though they get a unique working experience. But many companies agree to pay a fair wage to part-time employees, so prepare to negotiate your value! If you need assistance with your studies, like help with physics, employers often will give you time for that. Be honest and discuss your capabilities and schedule beforehand to ensure a win-win solution.

What Are the Benefits of an Internship?

Why should a sophomore already think about getting into the business world? Imagine that you graduate with hundreds of other students with the same credentials. Now, you all have to find a job. Of course, having experience in the profession is a definite plus for employers! So, you already will have an advantage over other graduates.

There are other pros of becoming a trainee. Here is a list of five reasons to get into a chase for an internship while you are still studying.

  1. Getting practice in your future working field. As an intern, you will have to complete lots of tasks in different departments.
  2. Making connections. An intern most likely will communicate with workers all over the company. Use this as an opportunity to get your name out there! Many people will remember you when it’s time to look for a full-time job.
  3. Testing your choice for a career. What if you get a job and you don’t like your field completely? After becoming a trainee, a student can decide if they want to continue working in this position. If you are a sophomore, you can still change your major. 
  4. Understanding how a workplace operates. A sudden change from being a student to becoming an employee can be frustrating. It is a big plus when you get a chance to be a part of the office, even if it’s half-time.
  5. Updating your résumé. Maybe you will get a chance to participate in workplace events that will look good on your CV. Employers will appreciate it when your résumé includes more than your degree and interests.

Of course, this list describes the most beneficial sides of getting an internship. Every sophomore will find something even more valuable for themselves in a new environment. Also, some companies decide to hire their trainees in a full-time position even before the program contract expires!

What Are the Best Places to Look For an Internship?

Looking for a job and getting a degree at the same time can be stressful, especially for a sophomore. There are plenty of websites that can help with this task, even though not all of them have the latest info. Here are several sources that post the best traineeship opportunities.

  • LinkedIn. This is a networking website that helps people find employment through their connections. Maybe somebody that you know has an open trainee position and will be happy to recommend you!
  • Indeed.com. This website gathers info directly from companies and job boards. It has the most recent offers both for full-time workers and for interns.
  • Internships.com. This portal is created specifically for people who are pursuing a position of an intern. You can adjust your search by working hours, your skills, and your salary expectations.
  • Your local employment agencies. If you are struggling to find an internship, some government offices can help you. Usually, they offer full-time jobs, but sometimes they have an opening for a student as well.


Let’s hope that you are convinced about finding a traineeship during your sophomore year! The job market is brutal, especially for young graduates. You should use every opportunity you have to secure your dream job!