A brief overview of barber insurance

Running a barbershop isn’t all fun and games. Actually, it can turn out to be a challenge. Not only do you have to find an appropriate facility, but also get the necessary supplies and tools to render a range of services. Since you work with members of the public, you must take out insurance to manage the risks. If any of your tools or products injure someone, they can take you to court. Injury includes physical harm and emotional stress. It’s essential to protect your business from potential accidents and lawsuits. Insurance can be confusing, which is why we’ve rounded up some information.

The key risks in a barber shop

There are some dangers in the barber shop that you’re probably not aware of, relating to the possibility of injury. For example, you work with sharp scissors and tools, which can do surprising damage. If you somehow trip, you can gravely injure the client. That person may decide to take matters to court and sue you for the harm caused. Imagine another situation. A person slips and falls on the wet floor. You can be held liable and forced to pay damages for that client’s pain and suffering. The point is that injuries can happen easily.

Let’s summarize the main risks in a barber shop, shall we?

  • Slippery floors
  • Cuts from sharp scissors & razors
  • Stocking heavy products
  • Using hair products & coloring agents

You can’t afford to ignore the consequences. Minimize your exposure by following the law and secure insurance. It’ll address the aforementioned concerns.

What does barber insurance cover?

Due to the risky nature of the trade, you need barber insurance. The policy protects you from the financial impact of a liability claim. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. The vast majority of barber shops have a business owner’s policy, essentially, a combination of three coverages. If you or one of your stylists hurt a client by accident, the policy covers the cost of the medical treatment. Equally, if you can’t open your shop because of property damage, you can count on the coverage offered by the policy.

You can find out how much barber insurance costs by comparing prices from various trusted insurers. Select what goes into your policy so that you’re paying only for what you need. Having barber insurance can help save thousands when dealing with unexpected events. It doesn’t matter if you own a barber shop or you’re a self-employed barber. You need insurance coverage. You might need other types of insurance, to protect product stock or make ends meet in case of business interruption.

To sum up, you can’t be sued for giving someone a bad haircut. Nevertheless, it’s your responsibility to make sure that clients are treated with the utmost care. If someone gets hurt, they’ll file a claim against you demanding compensatory damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, etc. A lawsuit brings about reputational damage. Insurance is an important tool in your arsenal, meant to protect you against financial ruin.