A Brief Introduction Piano and how it works

What is a piano?

The piano is considered both a string and percussion instrument. A classical piano would typically have a wooden case protecting the metal strings and soundboard. The metal strings are kept under great tension by a metal frame. Due to the advanced technology, you can now purchase high-quality pianos from a trusted piano store online.

The piano works by pressing down a key/keys, which makes a hammer make contact/hit a string or strings; each hammer hits its own string or strings if you press more than one key at a time also known as a chord. When the hammer connects/hits the string/strings, it makes a vibration on the strings, which are all uniquely tuned to a specific note.

A typical piano will have 88 keys. There will always be more strings than keys; this has to do with high and low notes, the high notes have three strings, whereas the very low notes have one string.

 History of the piano

The Piano was invented in Italy by a brilliant musician and inventor named Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1700. This instrument was an improvement to the harpsichord.

The piano is still one of the most popular instruments used today, mainly because of the diversity in which the piano can be incorporated into many different genres.

Over the last century, music has changed into so many different types of genres/sub-genres of which the piano can be incorporated into. Some of the most popular music genres include Jazz, Metal, Motown, Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop, are just a few of the new genres to name. Especially as technology has changed dramatically over the last one hundred years, it is no surprise that there are now digital pianos on the market designed to match the original acoustic.

Different types of pianos

A digital piano is usually connected to a computer that can then be played live or in a studio that can be used to edit and produce music. It is possible to visit a studio before starting working on a production to see whether it suits the musician’s needs.

This new way of using the piano has changed how music is being produced. There have been many disagreements within the musicians’ professional world, whether it is actually classified as music. Some of the top DJs or producers who have had chart hits, including one of England’s and globally known as Fat Boy Slim, started and were not quite well known, but still have had chart hits.

The Streets both started off making music in their bedrooms, including the MIDI piano. But if your budget is tight and yet you want a high-quality piano, visit this site to buy the best second hand piano in Singapore.

The modern world has tens of ways through which people can learn how to play the piano. For instance, you can Visit LVL Music academy and learn this amazing instrument when you are still at home. Also you can prefer to use Yamaha Pianos that help you to learn piano faster as you are beginner or experienced.

This would not have been possible previously due to not only the cost of an acoustic piano but also to do with the size. The MIDI piano is much more compact, lightweight, and cheaper than the original acoustic piano.

Although music genres have changed dramatically, there is still a big demand for the acoustic piano, which many modern musicians still prefer to play on. It is still not outdated and never will be as there is and always will be musicians who still like the classic feel, sound and it suits their musical needs and talents more than the MIDI could ever possibly replace.

But then there are musicians in which the MIDI piano benefits other musicians more than the classical acoustic piano. It just depends on the individual’s personal needs.

Previously the piano was considered to be played only by the rich and privileged, but these days the piano is taught in many colleges and schools worldwide and is part of their national curriculum.

In some parts of the world, children as young as three years old have started to learn to play the piano. I think we can all agree that a three-year-old has very little choice and cannot decide whether or not it would like to learn to play the piano. Obviously this is the parents’ decision to make the child learn to play the piano.

Although some of the world’s greatest musicians started from a very young age, Micheal Jackson is among the most famous. Another famous and world-renowned piano player is Stevie Wonder, who was actually blind but still taught himself to play the piano, among many other instruments by the age of ten. Like any hobby or interest, it is not always about the money which is invested but more about how determined an individual is and what they would like to get out of it.

Research and history have shown us that for most people playing professionally is not always financially rewarding for many people, it is about self-gratification and a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. As adults, we all deal with stress in different ways. It is no secret that many great musicians have succumbed to the stress of being in the public eye, which can lead to lethal consequences, such as, alcohol and drug abuse. The way we receive information has had a massive impact on such matters, mainly social media.

Luckily these days, there is a lot more help for musicians, public figures and the general public than ever before who suffer from such tendencies. Like anything creative, the mental benefits are very rewarding.