A Brief Guide on Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement Services

Windshield or Auto glass is also known as “safety” glass. It is two pieces of pane glass closely held together by an internal layer of polyvinyl butyrate. It is the polyvinyl butyrate that firmly holds the glass when there’s damage on the auto glass, this is the reason why the windscreen doesn’t instantly shatter like the back windows or side mirrors.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that a broken or cracked windscreen results in severe safety risks, such as blurry vision, dysfunctional airbag, or in worst cases where it could lead to serious injury during a crash. Additionally, a windshield doesn’t only impact the safety of your vehicle but also your driving ability.

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Difference Between A Chipped And Cracked Windscreen

All damage on your windscreen is not the same. For instance, a defect caused by a little rock has a different effect on your windshield from that of a car crash. So there are different ways to handle it. Below are the types of damage to the windshield and find out how a professional provider of Auto Glass Repair San Diego can help fix these damages.

Windshield Chips

This is a minor defect that happens when something breaks away a part of the glass layer. Normally this can be repaired if it is a little crack.  However, if it is a deep chip that enters into the inner pane of plastic, then a replacement is needed. Also, small chips are not necessarily a big deal, but they can be the starting point from which cracks grow.

Windshield Cracks

Cracks are different from chips, being that it is a line showing where one piece of glass has started to separate. It mostly starts with a small line, but potentially grows over time into big damage. A change in weather like hot sun rays or frigid air can cause the crack to expand.

When To Repair Or Replace Your Windscreen

If you are considering replacing the windscreen completely, you have to seek assistance from a trusted Auto Glass Replacement company. Below are the three factors to consider.


Cracks that begin from the edge of the protective screen generally need replacement, based on their propensity to spread. Cracks or chips that obstruct the driver’s vision should also be replaced. You can see how a cracked protective screen can impair vision here.


Chips that are wider than an inch in diameter ought to be replaced with a new windshield.


When you take too long to repair a chip, the more likely dirt will pile up. When there is an accumulation of dirt inside a chip, it makes it hard to conduct a successful repair, consequently, a windscreen replacement becomes the better option.

Factors Related To Windscreen Repair Or Replacement

Let’s take a broader look at these factors that determine when a protective glass should be replaced or repaired.


Safety is a big factor in the Auto business. However, it is not dangerous to drive with a cracked windscreen for a little distance. The protective screen is created as the main component of the car, but the glass is depleted by damage.  So note that a cracked windshield cannot protect the driver and passengers if a collision occurs.


Driving a car that has a damaged windshield can reduce the driver’s ability to see. This is a great safety risk. As a matter of fact, in some countries, it is illegal to drive a car with a cracked windscreen.


The windscreen has two panes of glass, if cracks penetrate the layers of glass, a replacement is recommended. Also, a replacement is recommended if the damage occurs on the interior pane of glass, even if the eternal layer is untouched.

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Benefits Of Repairing Auto Glass

Repairing a crack early will deter it from spreading, and also cost less; the time to fix a windshield is no longer than 30 minutes. If a protective screen is repaired perfectly, it will extend the durability and also restore visibility. Also, it’s crucial to point out that auto insurance companies mostly support repair coverage.

Benefits Of Replacing Auto Glass

This takes more time to fix. However, if it is properly done it will restore the quality of the car. Therefore, this may be the surest option.

Fixing a new glass on your car guarantees the highest grade of visibility, whereas a chipped glass may still not serve the purpose after it is repaired.


A good windshield has so many more benefits that are not covered above.  It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your protective screen is in good shape, majorly for safety and durability. Also, the state of your windshield is important for the quality of the driving experience. Hence, it requires utmost attention at all times.