A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Piano with Flowkey

Do you wish to learn piano? Are you spending hours searching online for the best piano lessons near me? You are in the right place! Technological advancements have changed the way we used to learn music. These days, a large number of piano enthusiasts are turning to virtual music learning platforms that not only help them save time but also learn an instrument at the comfort of their home. Though there are numerous piano courses available online (designed to suit different requirements), in this article, we are talking about Flowkey. 

Practice and Play Piano with Flowkey

Flowkey is one of the most popular and easy to use piano learning software on the market today that caters to both beginners and intermediates willing to know how to learn the piano. The app is not only for learning purpose but also for practicing and playing your favorite songs on the instrument. It works on all platforms: PC, Mac, and all iOS and Android devices. Based on your preference, you can either use a desktop version or download the app from the app store or Google Play. Flowkey offers interactive courses, teaching you piano basics and music theory. Also, there is a huge library of songs by popular artists you can use to practice.

Practice with an Acoustic Piano or Digital Keyboard

Flowkey has an easy to use interface that can be used not only by adults but also by teens and children. It works with an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard—with a USB or a midi connection. Before you start, you first need to set up your instrument. When using an acoustic piano while learning, click on the microphone. If you want to use a digital piano, select Midi or USB. Please note that if you are a Mac user and use Safari, you’ll be prompted to install Google Chrome as Midi connection is not supported by Safari.

The Dashboard has a lot of Offer

The dashboard offers a basic menu on the left side with Songs, Search, My Songs, and Course tabs. Under the Songs option, you can find more than 1000 songs of different genres and moods. You can filter them according to the skill level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro. If you wish to create your own library of songs you like, it is also very easy. Just click the heart icon on the selected song. You can also listen to the song before you start practicing. An interactive keyboard with hands, music notation, and function buttons is a big plus

Start with a Free Trial and later Upgrade to Premium

Though users can go for a free account (which is a great way to try the app) but it will give you only limited access to the courses and songs from the library. Unlock the premium account to take full advantage of the program. Depending on your need, you can choose between a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription. Flowkey also offers a lifetime option at the beginning. The price is very affordable, especially when paid annually.

In this Flowkey review, we have described the course in brief. You can learn more about it over here. Compare different music courses at Journey to Music Mastery and pick lessons that best suit your need.