9 ideas to get more shade in the backyard

We love getting our sunshine fix once in a while, but in cities where sunlight can be too much, nobody can blame you if you want to add more shade in your backyard.

In many locations that bring so much heat like in Florida, it can be uncomfortable and annoying to deal with the glaring sun all day long. After all, not all sunlight is healthy. They can make us age more rapidly, increases the appearance of wrinkles, and raises our chances of having skin cancer, especially when we are constantly exposed to the direct sun.

Best ideas to add shade to your backyard

To protect your family and pet’s health, getting enough shade in your backyard can be helpful in making your property more enjoyable to stay in. Your children will have enough space to play, and you can also lounge around while reading a book without worrying about the heat.

Here are our top 9 ideas that will help you make your outdoor area have more protection:

1. At the top of our list: Add shade trees on your lawn

What better way is there to add shade in your backyard except by having the natural shade givers on your property?

Planting trees are the best thing we can do to have more protection from the sun while also giving us cleaner air. Though it may take us a long time to enjoy the benefits, there are certain shade trees that grow at a much faster rate, like the following: Pin Oaks, Red Maples, River Birches, and Sawtooth Oaks.

Just make sure to do research before planting one in your yard, as they may not be good for areas that have small spaces. It will be best to contact an arborist near you that can help you with your goal of having a shade tree that does not have messy root systems.

2. Include a patio umbrella

Patio umbrellas are very convenient when you need the shade ASAP. All you have to do is install them on your lawn and voila, instant sun protection.

Make sure to get the best fabric you can buy while also having a durable stand. We recommend getting darker colored umbrellas as it is said to give you more protection against UV rays and they also retain their shade much longer.

3. Make way for a gazebo

Looking for a beautiful addition to your backyard? Why not invest in a gazebo? Not only are they helpful with the sunlight but they can also be an area to protect you from the rain.

There are a lot of gazebo designs available in the market, and they can be shaped like an octagon, a circle, or a square, which can add to the appeal of your outdoor area.

4. Hang some curtains

If you don’t want to commit to bulky structures, an outdoor condition may be the best thing to give you the shade you need. Though it can be a hassle to set up for the first time, they are convenient in the long run.

Aside from protecting you from the rays, the curtains can be utilized to give you more privacy.

5. Get creative and add a pergola

Want to add a functional feature in your area? If shade and beauty is the priority, pergolas are the best thing you can get to maximize your space. As long as it is made properly, it can cover you from the rays and also from rain.

There are pergola kits you can install by yourself if you want, or you can opt to have them made by a professional with the material that will suit your home, such as wood or metal.

6. Build a tall wall or fence

Although walls and fences may not be helpful during the early morning, they will certainly give you shade in the afternoon.

For many homeowners, having a tall fence or wall is enough, after all, the morning sunlight is healthy, and we want to avoid the afternoon sun in the first place.

Make sure to ask permission from your neighbor before building a wall or fence, or you may hear some complaints.

7. Install some blinds

Rolling shades and blinds are also convenient if you have the area to install them. They can be attached by using a few materials and can help you solve your problem quickly, though it may not last long.

Opt for manual blinds instead of automatic ones for more durability.

8. Focus on privacy and shade by adding bushes

If privacy and shade are your concern, bushes are a helpful and attractive solution. If your budget allows you, look for tall bushes that will thrive in your location.

Just make sure that you will have time to have them pruned now and then, or they may be an eyesore.

9. Finally, construct a roof

Want a more permanent solution to your problem? Having a room constructed may be your best choice. To make sure that you will get the value for your money, hire a professional contractor.

As long as they are beautifully made, they can also serve as a highlight to your outdoor space.