9 Great Essential Oils for Balancing Hormones

For ages, essential oils have been known to be natural healers that have positive impacts on one’s health. The oils can also restore hormonal balance, which is a grand issue, especially among women. For a steady improvement, essential oils need to be part of one’s routine. A healthy lifestyle is also known to be powerful for natural modifications.

Hormones are chemical messengers around the body. Therefore, it is only through good quality sleep, stress reduction, and an appropriate amount of exercise that you will experience the best results.

What Are Essential Oils?

The oils are made from a mixture of natural chemicals extracted from various plant parts like the barks, leaves, herbs, and rinds. Different methods are used to extract the chemicals, but the most used process is distillation.

Many people are talking about essential oils, with conventional practitioners advising that people with hormonal disorders should experience its effects. One man’s meat is another’s poison; only through medical evaluations should one know what works best for them.

When you visit a hormonal care center, such as the Health Choice Pharmacy, they offer a compounded medication that includes oils that will significantly help with any form of hormonal imbalance. You can also find essential oils in retail stores; however, it is important to source from a trusted seller for a quality product.

Great Essential Oils for Balancing Hormones


Studies show that inhaling lavender oil helps regulate mood swings that come with PMS for ladies, and helps restore sweet and balmy sleep for both men and women. The oil can adapt to your body’s specific needs and, similarly, lavender levels hormones without adverse effects.

Lavender reduces the amount of cortisol released by the adrenal gland to reduce feelings of depression and stress caused by fluctuation of moods that result from the hormonal imbalance.

Clary Sage

A study showed that clary sage reduced cortisol level in participants by 36%, and a neurotransmitter, serotonin, was also increased by inhaling it. Another research has found that if the oil is used for aromatherapy, it can immensely reduce menstrual cramps.

Clary Sage also reduces blood pressure, giving all the more reasons to use it.

Rose Oil

Rose oil promotes feelings of calm and relaxation, assisting in balancing cortisol. The oil has demonstrated the ability to balance testosterone and is also known as an aphrodisiac to boost libido.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is best known to relieve stress and tension through its aroma. It also helps to do away with feelings of stress and depression.


Thyme naturally impacts hormonal balance by raising levels of progesterone. Research has also demonstrated that thyme is rich in balancing hormones and safer than synthetic hormone replacement.


Bergamot energizes and relaxes both the body and mind to minimize feelings of stress.


When it comes to inflammation tied to autoimmune disease, frankincense is an absolute bet to relieve the tension. Since ancient times, it has also been used to adjust mood swings and reduce symptoms of menstruation and menopause. The oil is functional for regulating the production of estrogen for the ladies.


Peppermint is useful for emotional healing, stabilizing moods and balancing hormones. Inhaling peppermint oil also reduces headaches that come with hormonal shifts, without any harmful side effects. Science proves that peppermint tea extracts improve sleep and relieve menstrual cramps.


The oil removes excess estrogen from the body to create a hormonal balance. It contains properties that lower cortisol in saliva, improving memory and moods.

Get the Oils from a Reputable Source

Research companies and read labels properly before purchasing pure oils, especially if the price is too ideal. It is best to work with a professional to obtain the best wares.