8 Video Games About Real Estate Development

With most of the world staying at home, playing video games is one hobby that keeps boredom at bay. But if most of the games you play are about fighting violence, you might want to break from time to time.

Explore the creative world of these eight simulation games about real estate development. You might even learn a thing or two about investing and running a property.

The Sims Games

90’s kids will remember building their first homes through The Sims games. The games taught players how to manage a household, keep their residents happy, and solve issues such as house fires, accidents, and death of the characters.

The games also have other popular spin-offs where players can build and manage their city, hospital, theme park, and shelter in a remote island. Other Sims games make players train and take care of pets and run a Medieval town.


Minecraft’s varied modes and limitless possibilities for creativity are great for teaching kids to build and construct their ideal worlds. For example, you can make vast manors or booming commercial and residential communities modeled to real-life developments such as ETON Centris in Quezon City.

But while the game allows endless amounts of freedom, it still utilizes an achievement system. Players can obtain items, rewards, and trophies by accomplishing tasks such as opening inventory, harvesting cow’s leather, and destroying monsters. Minecraft’s achievement concept is similar to real estate developments in real life. Plans for investing and constructing will only be realized if tasks are executed. Here are the most secure Minecraft Survival Servers to get the most of your Minecraft game experience.


Ever dreamed of having your coastal town or vacation hub? Seaport is a mobile game where you can build and manage a city on an island. You can even become a wealthy shipping magnate as you gradually level up in the game.

Conceptualize your dream beach resort by constructing a virtual reality world through Seaport. The game offers a myriad of options for you to design your coastal community to cater to your virtual customers, business partners, and marine life. Take inspiration from the aesthetics of Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan to build a recreational island while also practicing sustainable living through your phone screen.

Cities: Skyline

If you want to learn more about urban planning, zoning regulations, taxations, and public services while building a city, then Cities: Skyline is the perfect game for you. But don’t be intimidated by these regulations because the game gives you large amounts of freedom to build and design your metropolis however you want. In short, you can still have fun creating your dream city while learning about the ins and outs of real estate development.


Suppose you are looking to beautify and expand your home garden. In that case, Gardenscapes rewards you with stars that you can use to complete tasks and upgrade your garden. The game allows you to choose from various themes, textures, and plants to decorate the lawns, hedges, and gazebo areas.

The challenge of the game is to complete tasks while utilizing the number of tries allotted to you. But don’t worry if you lose lives and turns because these get replenished after an hour. Wait for four hours if you want a full set of lives to embark on your gardening adventures.


Perhaps, the classic Monopoly game is everyone’s first stint at buying lots and investing in building structures. Whether it’s the board or video game, players have to assess which properties are lucrative for house and hotel rentals.

Monopoly doesn’t just give you the experience of buying properties, but it also teaches you how to budget your money to pay for rent, mortgages, and repair fees. You’ll also need to pay for the inevitable bail when the game asks you to go to jail.

The LEGO Games

Kids growing up playing LEGOs will be nostalgic with the LEGO video games franchise. Besides the endless creativity to build, players will enjoy exploring the various worlds of the different LEGO games such as Star Wars, Batman, Avengers, Justice League, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones.

From building vehicles to platforms, trees, and animals, LEGO is where you can unleash your creativity. Until today, it remains a favorite building game for kids and adults alike.

Harvest Moon

Just like most farm-simulation games, the objective of Harvest Moon is to restore and maintain the farm the player inherited from their grandfather. The game gives the player the freedom to allocate their time to finish tasks. These include clearing the farm, raising animals, planting and watering crops, mining, participating in festivals, and befriending the locals of Mineral Town.

The player also gets to do other “missions,” such as offering cucumbers to the lake spirit, cheering up the woodcutter, and appeasing the Harvest Goddess. These tasks will gain the player their favor and their services or help.

Take a break from the usual bloody and fierce video games you play and delve into the creativity and freedom offered by these games. They might inspire you to purchase a new home or develop your burgeoning community.