8 Tips on Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

Getting ready for a new baby in your home is both exciting and overwhelming. Life is changing, but it’s going to be a wonderful new adventure. We have eight tips on preparing for the baby’s arrival.

1. Talk To Your Partner About Expectations

It’s crucial that you talk to your partner about expectations and roles when the baby arrives. It’s impossible for them to read your mind and know you expect them to warm up bottles or change ten diapers a day. Talk about everything from dividing chores to their role during delivery. A new baby wears both parents out. Talk about who gets up with the baby each time of night and who tends to the baby throughout the day at different times.

2. Wash Bedding And Clothing

A new baby’s skin is often sensitive and very delicate. It’s a great thing to wash the clothes and new bedding in a detergent without dyes or chemicals. Until you know if your baby has sensitive skin, it’s best to wash everything in a sensitive wash. This will ensure they won’t have skin breakouts or eczema.

3. Talk To Other Mom Friends For Advice

There are a million supportive moms out there to help you in the world. Join social media groups, talk to your mom friends, and get advice from others about your newborn. Remember, many moms have different opinions on raising a baby. The main things to take in are tips about everyday parenting. You can pick and choose what tips you actually follow, of course. There is no such thing as a crazy question. Moms have heard it all and don’t mind helping you.

4. Get The Baby’s Room Ready

Your baby may spend the first few weeks of their life right by your bed in a bassinet, but it’s important to get their room ready for your sanity. Set it up with a changing table, a place to sleep, and a drawer full of clothing. Baby cots come in many different designs, so choose the type that best fits your family. From traditional to modern, you’re good with any baby cot you choose, as long as it is safe and secure.

5. Pack Your Hospital Bags

It’s important to have all of your essentials in one bag ready when the time is right. You don’t need to overthink the bag. It needs to have a few diapers, clothes for you and the baby, toiletries, and a comfortable pair of horseshoes. The hospital will usually have everything else you need for the baby. Talk to your mom’s friends about other things they packed in their bag.

6. Create A Birth Plan

There are many decisions when it comes to your birth plan. Do you want an epidural? Do you prefer a C-section? Do you want to have the baby at a hospital or at your house? These decisions need to be made well before your due date. You might need to be flexible at the last minute it all doesn’t go as planned. It’s still important to have your decisions written down so everyone is on the same page when the time comes to have your new baby.

7. Get Those Nappies

It’s surprising how many nappies/diapers that your baby will go through in one day. If you don’t stock up, you’ll run out quickly. A baby seems to go through nappies as if they’re nothing. If you use disposable diapers, plan to use about a dozen a day. If you use reusable nappies. it all depends on the type you choose. You’ll figure out quickly which brand works best for your baby. Some babies are sensitive to certain brands while other babies have issues with leaking with certain brands.

8. Clean The House

Once the baby comes home, it’s tough to get the cleaning done. Most women are lucky with their nesting instinct when they start to go wild cleaning the house. Make sure to dust and vacuum the most important areas. Clean the bathrooms so you feel fresh and ready for visitors. If you’re too tired to tackle the big things, organize the baby supplies. The more you organize and clean, the more ready you’ll feel.

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