8 Tips on Building a Rabbit Hutch

Rabbits are wonderful creatures. They make marvelous pets. Keeping rabbits can be a fun hobby. If you want your rabbit to have a place where they can remain clean, dry and well protected from the elements, a well crafted rabbit hutch is the answer.

Your Items

The first thing to do is make sure you have what you need to create the hutch. Keep in mind this might take some time. You’ll want to get what you need in place before you do anything else. You want all the wire, wood and anything you’re going to use on hand before you start the project. This way, you won’t have to stop in the middle.

Enough Time

Creating a hutch for your pet is going to take some time to get in place. You want everything to be just right. The hutch needs to stand up against all kinds of outdoor weather conditions. You want to examine it from all sides before you do anything else. Allow at least several hours to put the project in place. It should be in place in a single afternoon. Your bunny will thank you.


Any hutch needs to be off the ground to allow for safety and security. With this in mind, all areas of the bunny hutch should be at least 60 cm from the ground. That is the best way to keep the ventilation your rabbit needs and help him avoid ground that might be too hot or too cold. Measure carefully and make sure the hutch is meeting these criteria before you do anything else. Too low can make for uncomfortable interior conditions. If it’s too high, this can make it hard for you to reach for your pets.

Floor Space

A room for your rabbit should have enough space to allow the bunny to do lots of things. This means room to hop as well as places to sleep and eat. A good rule of thumb is a hutch that is about one meter on two sides two meters on the other. This lets any bunny stretch out and relax properly without you needing to worry about the bunny’s health or that he might run away.

A Covered Area

Rabbits need a space that is covered from the elements entirely. Your bunnies need a place they can huddle under when it gets rainy. They also need spaces that let them avoid high heat and humidity. The covered area should be at least one third to one half of the space of the hutch. If you have more than one bunny under your care, consider making it larger. Rabbits like the company of other rabbits very much. Allowing a big space that is covered lets the animals relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Access to the Bunnies

One of the joys of owning rabbits is being able to play with them. Rabbits are soft and gentle. You should create a hutch that makes it easy to hold them. Keep in mind a bunny should be supported properly when you hold it. You need to be able to reach inside the hutch to keep the rabbit’s back legs in your hands as you grab it. Put in a large lid on top. This makes it easy to take the rabbit out of the hutch.

The Right Wood

A good hutch is made of wood and wire. The ideal wood is one that can stand up to all kinds of outdoor weather conditions from heavy rain to hot sun and still be in good condition. Many experts recommend the use of untreated pine. Pine is durable, widely available and can be sawn into any configuration. Look for pine that hasn’t been treated. Rabbits like to chew on wood. The untreated pine can be gnawed on safely.

Your Location

You’re going to put that hutch in your yard. Look for a location that is easy to reach, isn’t subject to high winds and has enough space for the entire hutch. This includes all the posts you’re going to put in the ground as well as the covered area. A very good hutch location keeps your rabbit safe, secure and very happy all year long.

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