8 Things to Pack on a Camping Trip to Gatlinburg Cabins

Each year, thousands of people come to the Smoky Mountains for adventure, to get away from it all, or to have a good time with their families. While we are drawn to the mountains for different reasons, many Gatlinburg visitors share one thing in common: packing!

Although packing is symbolic of the start of a trip, it’s also a challenging task. If you’re a frequent traveler, you must know that having a packing list simplifies the process and makes a trip a little more enjoyable. So, before you leave for the mountains, make a packing list for Gatlinburg!

In this blog, we’ve put in the hard work for you and assembled a packing list that will come in handy for your Gatlinburg cabin getaway.

Why the Cabin Escape?

People often go camping to find escape in nature and take a break from their daily humdrum of life. Cabin camping fits the bill perfectly for that. There are no neighbors to bother you or loud TVs blaring in the next room – just you and your loved one in a natural setting.

Surrounded by the high snow-peaked mountains, with plenty of space, lots of great amenities, and blissful peace and quiet, Gatlinburg Luxury cabins are a treat in the mountains. Along with offering unparalleled mountain views, these cabins usually come with various amenities and facilities. For instance, you won’t have to worry about packing half your kitchen items or sleeping bags.

However, these luxury cabins don’t come with room service and housekeeping; you can have the entire cabin to yourself, including top-notch amenities such as hot tubs, a game room, a fully furnished kitchen, and even the home-movie theater. So what else do you need? More supplies and personal items, of course.

What To Pack For Your Cabin Trip?

Below we have listed all the gear you’ll need to prepare for your cabin getaway in Gatlinburg. Here are some things you should pack first:

1. Clothes

While it is likely that you will be able to control the temperature inside your cabin, you still need to bring layers. Because when camping, nothing beats getting up early, putting on warm clothes, getting a cup of coffee, and watching the sunrise over the Smoky Mountains.

Make sure you pack your extra undergarments, hiking boots, jackets, wool socks, scarves, hats, and sweaters for a comfortable cabin escape. Also, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit for the hot tub!

Warm clothing is always a good idea when you visit the Smoky Mountains cabins because the weather can be unpredictable at any time of the year. It is possible for the evening to be extremely cold even if the day has been warm. If a sudden cold spell occurs, having some extra clothing on hand could be convenient.

Additionally, if you’re planning to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, keep in mind that the temperature drops three degrees for every 1500 feet of elevation gain. The temperature difference between Clingman’s Dome and your lodging is 10 to 15 degrees.

You can choose a light shrug or shawl to keep yourself comfortable without adding extra weight to your luggage. The weather will likely be warm during your trip, but bringing extra layers will never hurt.

2. Hiking gear

Taking advantage of the mountain’s many features is a major reason for booking logging in the woods! You will likely explore several hiking trails while you are here to make the most of your trip.

Even though trail shoes and hiking boots may seem like specialty footwear, you’ll find that the Smoky Mountains are a great place to wear them. With more than 800 miles of hiking trails throughout the park, even if you hike for hours, hiking shoes provide comfort and reduce fatigue.

3. Skin essentials!

The importance of sunscreen cannot be overstated, regardless of the season. While people consider sunscreen to be only useful during the summer, it can’t be far from the truth. The sun’s rays can be equally harsh during the winter.

When planning a trip anywhere, keep sunscreen in your travel back and wear it as you step out of the house. And if you are going to spend most of your time outdoors, sunscreen becomes an essential product for keeping your skin protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

Similarly, it might be a good idea to keep moisturizer too. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to your skin, a moisturizer is invaluable during the cold and dry seasons.

4. A map of the area

Even if you rely on your smartphone to get directions, you should purchase or print out physical maps before your vacation. When hiking, cell phone service can be unreliable, so it may be best to ditch your phone for the day.

If you want to avoid getting lost while exploring, carry a physical map with you. Visitor Centers in Sugarland are usually the first stops for visitors to the Smokys, so grab a trail map for $1 while you’re there.

Additionally, ensure you follow your cabin rental company’s written directions when you arrive at your cabin. If your GPS is unreliable, struggling to find your cabin after a long day of travel will be the last thing you want to do.

5. A camera!

While a camera may not seem like an essential for your nature getaway, once you start enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Smokys, you will wish you had kept one. A good camera will capture all the scenic landscapes as well as your family’s candid moments on the vacation to ensure the memories will last forever!

While cell phones capture precious moments pretty well, a professional lens can add a new dimension to them. Moreover, with phones, you will have to worry about keeping up with the charging or will be distracted by the internet (if available) to truly enjoy your vacation.

There’s no doubt that your Gatlinburg getaway is going to be a memorable one. So, to make sure you and your loved one document each and every memory, it is essential to have a camera on hand.

6. Chargers

We assure you that you won’t miss out on any of the picturesque surroundings by bringing in some modern conveniences too! Keeping your gadgets running will require extra batteries, chargers, and electric juices, so pack them with you.

It is impossible to avoid technology, regardless of how relaxing your vacation may be. You may want to check back on your loved ones, check in with the babysitter, or simply enjoy the news of the outside world (in case you can’t go out for the day)

7. Toiletries

Don’t forget to keep your toiletries with you to ensure maximum comfort. Essential toiletries include soaps, shampoos, towels, medicine (in case your body feels sour after the hike), essential oils for aroma therapy, and toothbrushes!

Many people overlook these items, thinking they’ll “pack later” or buy from the store, but you may not be able to find a convenience store or drug store nearby, depending on the location of your cabin. And it is never fun to drive long hours after a tiresome hike just to buy a bar of soap or shampoo. So, having these basic toiletries at hand will facilitate your vacation, ensuring that you have a relaxing vacation.


While staying at a cabin getaway in Gatlinburg is a vacation in itself, you would be missing out if you didn’t take advantage of its outdoor excursions. The area is always ready to treat its visitors royally, and whatever you might need, you’ll find it there. Still, you may want to pack some essentials so that your travel is easier. Things like skin essentials, a map of the area, appropriate clothing, toiletries, and chargers guarantee a comfortable and inexpensive stay.