8 Sources of Unpleasant Smell in Homes and How to Get Rid Of Them

No one enjoys it when their home smells stinky, and spending time in it feels awful, but even if you thoroughly clean your house, bad smells can still linger in places you are not even aware of. The information below will help you locate the sources of unpleasant odors in your home and even teach you how to get rid of them.


1. A dishwasher

The moisture in a dishwasher may become the breeding ground for mildew, smelly mold, as well as rotting food bits. Besides wiping down the interior periodically, try filling the small bowl with the white vinegar and then place it in a lower rack of the empty dishwasher. Don’t add a detergent; run the regular cycle. If available, select extra rinse as well as hot rinse. If you do this, you’ll quickly get rid of the smell.

2. Garbage Disposal

Leftover food particles and grease that get accumulated in garbage disposal might stick under and on the blades. To remove them, try using the garbage disposal cleaner, or use the following DIY trick: All you need to do is to put a cup of ice down the disposal, as well as 1/2-cup of table salt, after which you should turn on the water as you run the disposal. The smell will be eliminated.

3. Fridge

If the bad smell comes from a refrigerator, start by cleaning up spills immediately, throwing out spoiled food regularly, and wipe down the interior. If a lousy smell persists, try using activated charcoal or a newspaper. For a charcoal solution, place a couple of activated charcoal in 2 paper bowls, then place one in a fridge and the other in a freezer. For a newspaper option, try rolling the pages into two loose paper balls, then add just one drop of a vanilla extract to each. Finally, place one in a fridge and the other in a freezer.

Living Room

4.Stinky Carpet

Shoes, food and beverage spills, as well as pet hair may all leave the carpet smelling awful. To prevent the smell, clean your carpet once or twice a year. In between deep cleanings, try freshening a carpet with baking soda. Sprinkle It over the carpet and wait for a few hours. Finally, vacuum it up to fully get rid of the bad smell.

5. New Furniture

To get rid of the smell coming from the new furniture, you need to keep a room well ventilated, so turn on the fan until the bad smell fades.


6. Stale Sheets

Bed sheets tend to absorb the body’s sweat and oil. The sheets, as well as other bedding, should be washed once every week. Make sure to use hot water that is above 140 degrees F to kill every bacteria. For extra freshness, try making the linen spray that you can use between washes. Fill a spray bottle with six tablespoons of water, two tablespoons of a plant called witch hazel, and ten drops of essential oil of lavender. Finally, shake to combine.

7. Smelly Closet

Closets may smell bad, especially when one stores their dirty clothes inside. Closet doors need to be open so that it doesn’t trap moisture. Another important thing is to wash and remove dirty laundry regularly. In case you live in a humid climate, hang the mini dehumidifier inside the closet for absorbing excess moisture.


8. Musty Mildew

Mildew prefers moisture, and that’s why you can often find it in a bathroom. If your bathroom smells musty, like wet socks, try filling a spray bottle with the white vinegar (don’t dilute it, though), then spray each affected surface and wait 1 hour. Run a bathroom fan for ventilation or open the window. Finally, wipe every area with hot water and a sponge.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the sources of unpleasant smells mentioned above can cause problems in your home by bothering you. To ensure that such a thing won’t happen, follow the tips above. By doing so, you will be guaranteeing that no bad smell will ever bother you and your home again.