8 Masculine Interior Design Ideas – Tips to Create a Gentleman’s Space

It’s popular belief that most ladies know exactly what they want when consulting an interior designer. There’s a misconception that it’s difficult to decorate a man’s space because many men don’t know what accents are or what colours to use. Sound familiar?

In reality, transforming a man’s house is effortless if you know what elements will complement the space well. Leather recliners are a popular seating choice, combined with wooden tables and natural stone flooring.

So, what else can you do to create a gentleman’s space? Perhaps the following eight tips will inspire you.

1. Utilise Masculine Coloured Accents and Backgrounds

Before you can start adding furniture, art or accents you must select the colours you’ll be using. To create a sophisticated masculine atmosphere, consider the following colours:

  • Black
  • Light and dark grey
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • White
  • Orange
  • Ocean green
  • Electric blue
  • Red

Pick neutral colours and combine them with blues and greens to create a contrast. Typically, a masculine setting consists of moody shades of dark greys and black. But if you want to add a brighter colour then warm tones such as orange and red will work well with black and grey.

2. One or Two Geometric Patterns

Patterns can be considered masculine or feminine depending on the shapes and lines used to create them. Floral designs and patterns with rounded lines are feminine so try to avoid these ideas when creating a masculine atmosphere.

In contrast, geometric patterns with sharp edges and straight lines are a popular choice for men when selecting wallpapers, art or rugs. If all your backgrounds and accents are plain, then select geometric patterns & your masculine colour palettes to add dimension to the space.

3. Combine Various Textures

Most masculine settings have a combination of textures. Distressed furniture, face brick walls and hard surfaces are popular choices when adding texture to a masculine room.

Combine smooth and rough surfaces and perhaps oxidised metal ornaments & fixtures. Rough natural granite can be used to make backsplashes in kitchens or for fireplaces. Use smooth wallpapers to frame brick or stone walls. A mixture of textures helps balance out your space in a unique way.

4. Select the Right Seating

A living room wouldn’t be masculine without the correct seating. Chesterfield lounges are popular but they’re not comfortable to sit on. So, if you want seating that looks elegant but is still comfortable then leather recliner chairs will work well.

Add a cushion to your recliner and put a side table next to it where you can keep your TV remote or accessories that you want easy access to. Even though a masculine atmosphere utilises heavy furniture, dark colours and rough textures, you can still be comfortable in your setting with a soft recliner chair.

5. Combine Various Materials

Similar to combining textures you should also mix and match various materials for your masculine setting. Natural materials such as leather, wood and stone are the perfect materials to use for a gentleman’s space.

Another popular choice is copper fixtures for lampshades, light switches, cooking utensils and cupboard handles. Marble works well for tiled floors in bathrooms and kitchens combined with stone basins.

The various masculine materials you pick for your interior decorating will add the colours and textures you’re looking for too. So, select furniture and accents carefully to create the correct flow throughout your space.

6. Streamline Your Space

A gentlemen’s room must never be cluttered with furniture or accents. It’s best to be as minimalistic as possible when doing masculine interior design. Every chair, table and accent must be placed strategically so that your space doesn’t look messy & off-balance.

Don’t add too much art to the walls. One or two large framed pieces of art will work well if you have high rise ceilings. Try to only add patterns to one area of the room such as the walls or floor so the space doesn’t look busy. Another suggestion is to keep tabletops clear of junk and don’t add too many ornaments.  To know more about interior designing visit interior designer Auckland.

7. Antique Bar Setting

Every gentleman needs a space where he can sit and enjoy a whiskey on the rocks. Create an antique wooden bar setting in a corner with crystal bottles filled with liquor and glasses on top of a silver tray. Put bar stools by the table so you can sit and sip your drink.

The bar setting doesn’t have to be big but it will be an excellent area when you have guests over for drinks.

8. Dim the Lights

Install pendant lights or low hanging fixtures but make sure you can dim the brightness of the bulbs. Use warm lighting especially in settings that utilise neutral tones to create a relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, you can add lamps to a room to lower the brightness of light at night.

Final Thoughts

So how are you going to create your gentleman’s space? Consider the eight tips in today’s article to help you decide. We hope you found some inspiration for your masculine interior design. If you have more tips, please share!