8 Fun Cake Designs For A Bridal Shower

As a bride to be, you’re eagerly awaiting your big day. As your wedding day gets closer, you have many things on your mind. One of those things is your bridal shower. You want to organize a perfect bridal shower, and one of the main things you need is a beautiful cake. Whether you need a cake that has beautiful bold colors or flowers on it, you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love. Choosing what design you want can be hard, but with this top list of gorgeous bridal shower cakes, you’ll find something. Your bridal shower is an important celebration, and everything should be about you and what you like. After you’ve been able to select the perfect design for you, make the rest of the party entertaining by attending a hens night Perth.

Try a minimalistic design

Minimalism has become a popular option in a lot of things. You can try a minimalistic design with your cake if you’re someone who doesn’t like to overdo things. You can have a two-tiered cake and add some delicate botanicals to give it a modern feel. Then have the cake placed on a glass pedestal, and to keep the look beautiful and clean, add a creamy hue.

A naked bridal shower cake design

We all want a unique bridal shower, making your bridal shower cake unique by not adding frosting. No rule says it’s a must you have frosting. Just have a bright yellow lemon filling on your cake, and add any color of some full peonies that you like, and that’s it. With those add-ons, your cake will really shine.

Rosemary cake design

This cake design gives a wonderful earthy accent to your bridal shower’s dessert table if you love that type of thing. Have your plain white bridal shower cake and add some rosemary against it. You can also add other herbs to complete the cake design.

Try a brunch inspired design

Since it’s common for most bridal showers to happen around brunch time, you can infuse this idea into your celebration. You can get creative with waffles since they’re breakfast foods and create a cake with them. This will not only be tasty, but it will also be unique. Serve the cake with a side of fresh berries, whip cream, and syrup.

Do a flower decor

This is a very simple design, but it will look amazing. You only need to dress up a white cake with some little greenery to create the border combined with some lovely pale pink flowers. You can replicate this design using blooms to match the palette you have for your bridal shower. You can create a masterpiece with an asymmetrical topper of flowers on top of a white cake on the flowers. The flowers will be in the spotlight, and it will also be the perfect photo opportunity.

Have your bridal shower cake painted

As we said earlier, your bridal shower should be all about you. The cake design should be personalized and made to fit your style. One of the best ways to achieve this is by getting a hand-painted cake. It will add a personal touch to the details in your bridal shower. You can have a pattern that’s maybe inspired by your favorite designer, a quote that’s meaningful to you, or anything else you’d like. Whatever idea you have can be personalized and brought to life on your cake.

Go for a truffles design

If you’re a chocolate lover, then this is the ultimate deal. You can have a cake design that’s filled with buttercream, ganache, and mocha, or any other ingredients of your choice. Then get chocolate truffles for the decoration to complete the chocolate fantasy. Greenery can be used to add a pop of color. Powdered sugar can be sprinkled on top to add some depth to the design.

Macaron tower design

Macarons will fit your whole aesthetic perfectly. They’re incredibly delicious and also have a variety of different colors and flavors. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from when looking for something that fits your palette. Make them utterly outstanding by having them displayed in a tower. You can also have them packaged in personalized boxes for your guests to take home.

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