8 Easy Bedroom Makeover Ideas

People may want to consider bedroom makeovers for various reasons; after living in a space for years, it’s common to grow tired of the same decor. We also change over time – our style evolves, we pick up new hobbies, or our needs shift. Refreshing the room allows us to reinvent the space and align it better with who we are today.

However, refreshing the bedroom doesn’t have to be a long, thought-out process; even small changes can change the outlook of the room, making it cozier and more welcoming. All you need is some creativity and elbow grease. Take time to think through what specific changes would help you love your space again, or use the ideas below to find easy makeover projects that fit your style and budget.

1. Upgrade Your Bed

Your bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, so upgrading it makes a major impact. If you’ve been feeling that your sleep isn’t as restful as it could be, now might be the right time to invest in a supportive, comfortable mattress.

Look into mattresses that offer the most comfort according to your needs. For instance, TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses are renowned for their comfort and support. You can even buy Tempurpedic Mattress online and make seamless transitions from old bedding to new without the hassle of visiting physical stores.

Not only will this provide you with a better night’s rest, but it will also elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom. You can also refresh the look of your bed with a new headboard and new frame. Paint them, add some decorative art, or look into YouTube tutorial videos to DIY some new changes – these are easy and affordable ways to make the bed cozy.

2. Add New Curtains and Rugs

An easy way to change the look of your bedroom is by introducing new textiles like curtains, rugs, and bedding. Tired, outdated window treatments can make a bedroom feel dull and uninspired.

Swap out your tired curtains for updated window treatments like breezy linen curtains or blackout drapes. New curtains instantly change the vibe and add style to your sleep space.

You can also add an area rug to add comfort or section the spaces in your room. Choose a rug large enough that all furniture legs sit on it. Style tip: pick a rug with a pattern or color that complements your new curtains.

3. Add Personal Touches

Add personality to your bedroom with meaningful personal touches that show off your interests and style. You can display treasured photos, art, and collected items. Floating shelves are also ideal for showing off your favorite objects.

Other ideas include a bulletin board to pin up inspiration, string lights to add ambiance, or fresh flowers to brighten your day.

4. Bring in Greenery

Plants instantly boost a room’s ambiance and style. Start by placing low-maintenance houseplants like succulents or snake plants on your nightstands; this addition of green freshens these key surfaces.

You can also create a living wall of greenery by mounting floating shelves on a blank wall. Style the shelves with a mix of lush potted plants. Not only do plants add natural beauty, but they also filter the air. This removes toxins for a healthier sleep environment.

Cut flowers are another option for temporary pops of green. A vase full of fresh blooms brings the outdoors inside. Opt for flowers like orchids or roses that last over a week. Replace them when they start to fade.


5. Refresh the Walls

Your walls are one of the most impactful ways to revive the look of a tired bedroom; however, they also can become scuffed and dull.

A new coat of paint in a bright hue instantly revitalizes the space, or adding bold wallpaper or 3D tiles behind the bed or on a single accent wall can make a statement. You can also refresh your walls by hanging new art, photos, and full-length mirrors. The most affordable way to go about this is by making your art by framing swatches of patterned fabric or paper. This new pop of color to your walls can give the whole room a lift.

6. Add New Lighting

Lighting has a big impact on the feel of a room. Consider swapping outdated overhead lights for pendant lights, sconces, or track lighting. Or layer in accent lighting like table lamps, string lights, or floor lamps.

Place lighting to create a relaxing ambiance for sleep and tasks like reading, and choose dimmer switches so that you can control the lighting mood.

7. Declutter and Organize

Clutter diminishes the look and feel of your space. Do a deep clean and get rid of anything you don’t need, use, or love. Organize with storage furniture like a dresser, armoire, or nightstands. Hide clutter in closets, under the bed, or in decorative bins. A clutter-free, organized room feels instantly more spacious and peaceful.

8. Change the Layout

Changing the layout of your bedroom forces you out of old habits and patterns. When we get stuck in a rut, making external changes can stimulate our minds and spirits. Shaking things up introduces new energy into your private space and daily life, and the mental stimulation of seeing your room in a fresh way can increase productivity and happiness.

An easy way to change the layout is by rearranging the furniture layout. Even just shifting your bed to a new wall or moving your nightstands to opposite sides can refresh the look of the room. Experiment with different settings to find an arrangement that suits your needs and style.

Place your bed so it doesn’t directly face the door, and rearrange your furniture to create better flow or designate new activity zones.


With a little creativity and smart shopping, you can give your bedroom a makeover on any budget. Focus on making small changes that have a big impact, such as rearranging furniture, adding new textures and decor, removing clutter, and personalizing the space.