8 Benefits of Renting a Tiny House

Many have tried to develop a tiny house’s perfect definition, primarily based on size, but there is still no specific definition. A tiny house can simply be defined as a single housing unit with a maximum of four hundred square feet of floor space, excluding lofts. It can be detached or semi-attached, mobile or permanent. Tiny houses have become rampant over time as they are very economical. Additionally, there are many other benefits of renting a tiny house, which are below.

1. Affordability and Availability

The monthly rental fee for a tiny house is affordable for every social class, including the low-income earners. Compared to the rental fee of an apartment or any other house type, a tiny house’s rental fee is considerably low. The space required to build a tiny house is small; thus, enabling landlords to bring up many units that are readily available for tenants. For instance, Kangaroo Valley tiny houses have over 100 readily available units.

2. Low Maintenance Cost

Living in a tiny house typically does not require a lot of maintenance and the utility bills are not as high. A tenant gets to decide what is essential and what they can do away with. For example, a tiny mobile house does not require electricity as the tenant can use solar.

3. Flexibility

While renting a tiny house, one can easily pack and move at their wish since they do not have many belongings. Mobile and semi-attached tiny houses can also be moved at the tenant’s wish. Which, for travel lovers, comes as an added advantage as they do not have to worry about accommodation.

4. Easy Cleaning

Considering the size of a tiny house, cleaning and keeping the space tidy is not tedious. One can carry out the task in a short while and efficiently. The lesser space, the easier it is to clean and maintain a tidy space.

5. Simplified Living

Due to the availability of just enough space in a tiny house, a tenant’s priorities are simplified. To have space to move around in the establishment, only essentials can fit in. Hence, it forces tenants to live a minimalist lifestyle. However, one can still design and redesign their establishment as they wish. The space to move things around is limited, making it easy to pick what should go when decluttering or arranging the house. For example, there is certainty in where the bed has to be placed otherwise it will occupy the whole space if placed at other points.

6. It Is a Mode of Saving Money

Because a tiny house is cheap, the maintenance cost is low, and only essential utilities can fit, tenants can save a lot of their money. Additionally, due to the tiny small space, one cannot buy things in bulk, which further contributes to savings. In instances of shifting, the cost of moving is also minimal since there is not a lot to ferry.

7. Better Living for Families

Since there is little space in a tiny house, family members tend to find themselves in the same space simultaneously, using the same utilities, such as the television. This is a healthy lifestyle that encourages bonding among the family members. It encourages communal living since everyone has to share everything in the house, for example, the bathroom. Compared to bigger houses where there is space for family members to have more than one of the same utilities. Family members can spend more time outdoors either together or separately. In instances of time spent apart, they are glad to see each other once together again.

8. Less carbon footprint

Utilities in tiny houses consume less energy and resources. There is also minimal waste disposal in the establishment. As earlier mentioned, only essentials fit into space; therefore, a combination of utilities, such as a washer and a dryer, is preferred. Considering large equipment cannot fit in the space, smaller commodities with less carbon footprint are used. The possibility of tiny houses going solar also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.

Bottom Line

If you desire to live a simpler lifestyle where you own everything you have, tiny home living is a good fit for you. Hopefully, you will consider the benefits of renting a tiny house discussed above before making your next big move.

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