8 Beginners Tips on Using a Gel Blaster

Gel Blasters are becoming the new toy for tactic gun enthusiasts. They’re taking over the world that used to be filled with paintball and airsoft guns. If you’re new to using a gel blaster, then here are eight awesome facts that you should know about them.  For prerequisite knowledge of maintaining your weapon, sites such as smartguncleaning.com are an efficient time saver.

They Don’t Stain

If you’ve ever paintballed in the past, you know that it can get dirty. By the end of the match, you’ll likely find yourself tie-dyed with color. While some paintball brands say that their colors are completely washable, we all know that’s not always the case. Many times, the paintballs end up staining clothing, vests, and shoes. Gel blasters, on the other hand, are made up of mostly water and don’t stain.

They Don’t Hurt

Talk to any paintballer, and the worst part of the day is getting wailed with a paintball on open skin. While we all try to cover up areas, it’s hard to move in a suit of armor. Luckily, gel blasters don’t hurt upon impact. These lightweight balls are mostly filled with water. It explodes on impact and leaves a nice little water stain for the opponent.

Invest In Face Protection

While gel blasters don’t leave behind any stain and they don’t hurt when they impact the skin, they can be harmful to the eyes. The force of how the gel blaster is delivered can be harmful to sensitive areas. For this reason, you should invest in face protection. This could be in the form of safety glasses, a face shield, or a face mask. Just make sure that you’re wearing something to protect your eyes.

They Don’t Require Any Special License

Since gel blasters look very similar to tactical weapons, you may believe that you need to purchase a license to get one. That’s simply not the case. Due to the fact that gel blasters are completely harmless to the body, they can be purchased at any local Gel Blaster Store without the need for a license or permit. While you’re there, make sure to stock up on some gel blaster balls.

Gel Balls Are Very Cheap

One of the biggest drawbacks to paintballs is that they’re super expensive. Gel blasters have solved this pesky problem. Gel balls are very, very cheap for users to purchase. Most retailers will offer 100,000 gel balls for about $50 bucks. That’s a heck of a lot of ammo. To assist with loading all that ammo, you may want to invest in a speed loader. You’ll be able to have endless days of fun without spending an arm and a leg.

Guns Come In Many Forms

When you look at the many advertisements for gel blasters online, most show a guy in full-on tactical gear with a weapon to match. While tactical rifles are the most popular gel blaster gun sold, they’re not the only type available for purchase. Enthusiasts can purchase rifles, pistols, SMGs, snipers, and shotguns. Whatever your style is, you’ll find a gun to match it. The best part is that this gun variety allows you and your friends to engage in different types of battles. For example, one day may be close range pistol shooting while another day may be long-range sniper shooting.

Guns Are Fairly Priced

Since gel blasters are going to be a gun that gets a lot of use and holds up for many years, they tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional toy guns. At the low end of the scale, you can likely pick up a gel blaster pistol for around $50. However, don’t expect it to have any cool features. If you want to invest some more money, you can usually get any type of gun for around $110. If you prefer a higher-end look, some of the top models sell for around $600.

Guns Can Be Modified

As you get used to the sport of gel blasting, you may notice that you need some upgrades to your gun. Whether it’s a better scope or adding a laser, there are modifications that are available. Gel blasters can be modified much like a regular gun so that they can be more efficiently used by the owner.

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