7 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Essay Writer

Access to the internet has made it possible for anyone to hire an online writer. Unfortunately, it’s also easier for anyone to claim to be a “professional writer.” As a result, searching for a reputable writer can turn out to be like a needle in a haystack. To help any student out, here are seven essential factors to consider before you hire an online essay writer.

Freelance Writer or Creative Agency?

Getting a trustworthy writer that is working on their own can be challenging. With a freelancer, you have to play an active role in overseeing the writer’s work. But hiring from an agency means the writer works together with an editor and quality assurance team to ensure only high-quality work is delivered.

That is why most learners prefer to hire a writer from a company that has been in the business for many years. The writer would have passed a rigorous vetting process that ensures they know a specific subject and have extensive writing experience. Hiring a writer from an agency also comes with a money-back guarantee and unlimited revision covered by the initial cost of the order.

Other benefits of hiring a writer from an agency or writing platform include:

  • The task is assigned to a subject expert.
  • In case of any issues, the support team is ready to help.
  • The writer is required to make amendments until you are fully satisfied with the content.


Cost is often the first factor that determines the kind of writing service a student chooses. But don’t be swayed by extremely low prices because such companies can turn out to be scammers. The truth is that a subject expert will demand a fair rate for the time spent to craft a high-quality academic paper. By writing a top-notch paper, they are also using their knowledge to educate.

Besides, it’s possible to hire a professional essay writer who charges a budget-friendly price that students can afford. But when it comes to prices, always remember that higher academic level tasks or those that cover many pages often cost more than a simple one-page essay.

Work Samples

What is a better way to gauge the expertise of a writer than through previously written samples? The quality of their past work can help you determine whether the individual is a subject expert or well versed in that topic. If the company or writer refuses to send paper samples, you risk losing money if you trust them to handle your work. Ensure you get relevant samples similar to the essay you want them to craft for you, before you decide to buy persuasive essay from them.

Plagiarism Free Papers

In the academic world, submitting plagiarized content translates to a poor score or, worse, getting kicked out of that course. It also makes you lose your credibility as a scholar. That is why before you hire an online writer, ensure they will provide proof or a report that the paper is indeed 100% original. Checking their previous work will also help you to determine whether they reference sources correctly.


Close-up of female hand holding pen and putting green check on white paper. Application form for personal information. Red crosses and black lines on sheet. Hiring concept. Blurred background

Students can shy away from hiring online writers because they fear that their personal details might get into the wrong hands. Your ideal writer should not ask for a lot of personal information, including the name of your school.

The method of payment should also be secure, and communication should be private. Most reputable writing services allow clients to chat with the writer anonymously, which guarantees complete confidentiality.

Experience Level

A writer can excel in writing a simple general essay but have little to no experience crafting technical essays. So how do you assess a writer’s experience level? First, check their profile to determine how many similar pieces they have completed in the past year. Then, go further and ask detailed questions related to that topic.

If they give in-depth answers, then you know you have found the right writer for the job. On the other hand, if they provide general knowledge that can be easily accessed online, consider it a red flag.

Turnaround Time

Do you want an academic task to be completed in a few hours? Does the writer have a reputation for meeting deadlines? These are crucial factors that you first have to consider before settling on a specific writer.

Some essayists will need days to complete a project, while others might be willing to work on orders with a 1-hour deadline. Your ideal writer should adhere to all your instructions and complete tasks within the stipulated time without sacrificing the expected quality and academic standards.

The essay you submit to a professor or teacher plays a huge role in your academic success. That is why you must always hire a writer that never fails to produce high-quality essays.