7 Sports Emojis Facts and When to Use Them

Emojis have played an essential role in everyday life since the rise of social media, allowing us to express ourselves over the internet. Emojis are available in combinations, allowing you to express yourself in any way you want. Without them, a chat platform interaction will be tedious and sometimes boring.

Emojis not just only express a particular feeling or moment. It can also tell a specific activity, like the 8 ball emoji that can represent a billiard. Talking about activities, Emoji do represent all the existing sports and you can use them through social media. Here are some of the sports emojis with their facts and when to use them!

1. Basketball Emoji

The very first on the list is the most common one! Many of you know that basketball is one of the most famous sports in the world. The basketball emoji, often known as the Basketball or Hoop emoji, depicts an orange basketball. This emoji used to have a hoop in previous Samsung and Google representations. Most platforms nowadays solely display basketball. This orange ball emoji represents nothing more than basketball or references to basketball, such as the NBA seasons or league athletes.

They also designed this emoji to activate a hidden basketball game, and you may do it over Facebook Messenger.

2. Sports Medal Emoji

This one is very sporty-related! The Sports medal emoji depicts a special medal given to exceptional athletes. The central motif is a sports medal’s lace with a red, white, and dark blue strap with a gold star. You can use this emoji throughout the Olympic season, and anyone may show their support for their favorite athletes by sharing the emoji to celebrate their gold medal win. Aspiring athletes who have created a social media platform to communicate their goals for their next sporting event can also use this emoji.

A medal is an excellent symbol for a congratulatory message! Don’t hesitate to use this emoji for your victory message on social media.

3. Chess Pawn Emoji

Many people don’t recognize chess as a sport. But yes, the International Olympic Committee has recognized chess as one. It is also a sport in over 100 nations. So, you can use this emoji if you are willing to play chess with your friends or even post that chess is your favorite thing to do. The chess pawn emoji is a single black chess pawn that appears on all devices.

The pawn has the lower rank on the chessboard and symbolizes soldiers in its other meaning. They are using this emoji to convey a metaphor. One of the most common uses of this emoji, similar to chess players, is to signify that the sender is calculating or contemplating their choices before making a move. Aside from that, this emoji could begin to relate to a chess game or other pursuits.

4. Microphone Emoji

You’re probably wondering why a microphone is present. But what is sports without an announcer, and what is an announcer without its microphone? This emoji depicts a portable microphone for amplifying a person’s voice.

So you can use it if you are announcing the winner of your favorite basketball team on your social media platform. You can also type this emoji and an announcement of a game schedule for your soccer team on your school campus. The microphone emoji doesn’t only mean singing; it can also symbolize sports.

5. Goal Net Emoji

One goal for team A! The emoji Goal Net serves a variety of purposes. This emoji is another sports-themed emoji used to indicate games that need the use of a Goal Net. Because soccer is the most commonly identified sport requiring a net, you’ll usually see a Soccer Ball emoji with this emoji.

Apart from sports, this can refer to achieving a goal despite obstacles. You can express your happiness with a Thumbs Up emoji in this scenario.

6. Video Game Emoji

Use the Video Game emoji to express your enthusiasm. This emoji depicts two analog sticks and gaming buttons on a game controller. But what does this emoji have to do with sports? There are many different types of video games, including sports games.

Furthermore, are you familiar with Esports? Electronic sports, or esports, are a type of video game competition. Esports usually organize multiplayer video game events between professional players, individually or in teams. So this emoji is perfect to represent playing sports-related games like NBA2K and Esports.

7. Person Swimming Emoji

The final one is a well-known and challenging sport. Someone is swimming in this emoji and is in goggles and a cap.

Use this emoji numerous times if you are a highly active swimmer. If you compete, pair it with a Cup flag and a Finishing flag. If you’re hitting the beach with your buddies, use this emoji with a Palm Tree and other attributes: Pizza, Beer. If you want to specify whether you’re a lady or a gentleman, use Woman Swimming or Man Swimming emoji.


Emojis are powerful nowadays. When words fail us, this group of emojis might help you explain yourself. Also, when you feel like doing something, and you want to share it with others through the media, emojis are there to help. To understand more about these emojis and their meanings, visit EmojiGuide.com.