7 Backyard Games That Are Sure To Make You The Ultimate Host

A great way to be a great host is to set up some outdoor games for backyard play. Providing your friends, family, and party goers with awesome backyard games like cornhole, horseshoes, and ring tosses, makes sure everyone will have a great time.

Keep in mind the age and athletic ability of your crowd, and try to make sure that there is a variety of activities so that everyone feels included. Guests can have some fun with friendly competition, and it keeps the mood light for whatever event you’re hosting.

Here are some of the most popular outdoor games for your next gathering, you can also find these games from Elakai Outdoor:

  1. Cornhole: Cornhole is a backyard classic. Two people, or sometimes teams of two, will take turns to throw bean bags into the hole on the opponents cornhole board. You can take points away from the opposing team by knocking their bag off of the board if you’re lucky. Points are awarded for bags in the hole and on the board.
  2. Horseshoes: Horseshoes are great if you have a long backyard. The two stakes are placed 30-40 feet apart and opponents take turns tossing their hot shoes into the 3 x 6 foot section around the stake, called the pit. Toss your horseshoe around the opponents stake to win points. Get a good spin on your horseshoe so that it spins around the stake; a straight toss will just plop on the ground.
  3. Croquet: Croquet is another of the classic outdoor games for backyard play for 2 – 6 people. Players use a wooden mallet to move their ball through six wire hoops that are stuck into the ground. Hit your ball through all of the hoops, in the right direction, so that you “peg out” by striking your ball into the wooden peg at the end.
  4. Ladder Toss: Ladder toss is played with bolas. Bolas are two balls connected by a string. The object of the game is to toss your bolas onto the three rungs of the ladder to score points.
  5. Ring Toss: Each player takes a different color ring and their goal is to toss their rings onto pegs that are each assigned a different value. The goal is to score the most points possible.
  6. In A Row: 4 In a row is a strategy game. You play against an opponent and your goal is to get 4 of your colored discs in a row before your opponent does. Watch the board closely and place discs to block your opponent as you take turns.
  7. Bocce Ball: Bocce ball consists of nine balls. Each of two players receives 4 balls and their goal is to toss their balls closest to the target. The target is the ninth ball, called a pallino and it is slightly smaller than the balls the players are throwing. After all of the balls are thrown, points are calculated by measuring the distance of the balls from the pallino.

Become The Ultimate Host With These Outdoor Games

These games are well known and great for players of all ages. The rules are pretty simple which makes them inviting to play but they take practice which keeps them competitive. Your guests are sure to have a great time and regard you as the ultimate host if you set up any of the outdoor games for backyard play listed above.