6 Lighting Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Lighting is one of the most essential features of a home. It impacts everything from how we see to how we feel, setting the tone for each room. It’s also one of the best home upgrades you can make, both in terms of cost and return on investment. You can put Gracie Moon Wax Melts which will add a nice touch to your indoor lighting simultaneously ensuring an amazing fragrance.

Here are six lighting tips to help you plan your upgrades while increasing the value and atmosphere of your home.

Add Aesthetic Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting upgrades often get overlooked during home improvement projects and renovations. However, adding some aesthetic exterior lights can enhance your home’s curb appeal and extend your functional living space. Furthermore, adding light to dark areas on your property can increase your home’s security, as many would-be burglars are opportunists looking for the easiest gig.

When considering the potential for outdoor lighting, think beyond the traditional porch light fixture. Some well-placed uplighting can elevate your landscaping, highlighting your home and illuminating the yard in a subtle-yet-elegant fashion.

Take a designer approach when planning your exterior lighting, working with a lighting specialist rather than taking a DIY approach. A professional will be able to help you determine the best possible placement, identify what fixture style works best, and decide whether or not you need electronic transformers to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Replace Outdated Fixtures

Outdated interior light fixtures are an eyesore. The age your home and detract from the other upgrades and decor you’ve worked hard to put in place. Fortunately, replacing outdated fixtures with modern alternatives is relatively straightforward.

One of the best ways to save money on this upgrade is to deal shop, purchasing replacement pieces that have been discontinued from one season to the next. These options are affordable, modern alternatives to outdated pieces and are ideal for low traffic and secondary areas in the home. Potential buyers aren’t deterred by simple, modern fixtures and don’t expect to see costly, artistic lighting. However, they are put off by outdated fixtures, as they highlight the age of the home.

If you’re planning to stay in your home, it’s worth investing in fixtures that suit your style and design scheme for common areas. For additional insights into home improvements, consider understanding what is a uninterruptible power supply. This knowledge can contribute to a well-rounded approach to upgrading your home’s infrastructure without compromising on modernity.

Incorporate Smart Lighting Features

Smart home assistants and wifi-connected devices are becoming more commonplace. Incorporating smart lighting features can help modernize your home, improving your quality of life and the resale value of your house.

Smart lighting gives you better control over the lights in your home, allowing you to set timers or adjust the light settings remotely. This feature is excellent for home security, as it will make your house look occupied when you’re away at work or on vacation. Additionally, this advanced control will help you manage your utility costs— no more lights left on accidentally, draining power when they aren’t in use.

Smart lighting also has fun aesthetic features and functions. You can adjust the color and intensity of the lighting, changing a bright, well-lit workspace to a cozy, ambient relaxing space in the evening.

As technology evolves, the modern buyer expects to see more of these features in their prospective houses. Get ahead of the curve and start making these upgrades now.

Use Light as a Statement Piece

Rather than thinking of lighting as a background accessory, consider how you can transform fixtures into focal points. Investing in a few statement pieces can transform a room, adding a sense of elegance and refinement. For example, adding an eye-catching pendant light in a split entry will set the tone when someone walks into your home. Alternatively, adding a bubble fixture over the breakfast counter or dining table will also transform the room.

Get creative with your lighting placement and take an unconventional approach. Many professional designers are adding hanging lights on either side of the bed in the master bedroom for a unique and creative touch. While decorative floor lamps aren’t a fixture in your home, they can make a significant impact when staging to sell.

Brighten Your Basement

Natural light plays such an important role in how a room looks and feels. Unfortunately, finished basements tend to be devoid of natural light, which makes them feel less welcoming and comfortable. Fortunately, there are several approaches to brightening a basement and making it feel more liveable.

Basements are the ideal place to simulate natural light. You can put in recessed lighting in a faux skylight to create the soft, diffused overhead glow associated with these rooftop windows. Another designer-inspired strategy is to hang drapes along one wall with backlighting to create the illusion of windows. With smart lights, you can even replicate the change in brightness and color throughout the day.

Use Soft and Warm White Bulbs

The introduction of energy-efficient LED bulbs revolutionized home lighting. These bulbs not only last longer than traditional CFL lights, but they also use less power. However, the early iterations of these bulbs came with a few pitfalls: buzzing and cold, sterile light.

Many homeowners and designers found that the blue-dominant bulbs created an unwelcoming atmosphere. Fortunately, you can now get LED bulbs that were designed to emulate the light from CFL bulbs in shades of a soft white and warm white.

Soft white is the closest approximation to incandescent lighting, with a warm, yellow tone. These bulbs are great for lamps in living rooms and bedrooms, creating a soft glow. Conversely, warm white bulbs are a bit brighter, with just a touch of yellow. These are ideal in bathrooms and kitchens, where you still want an ambient atmosphere but need a bit more light to work with.

With these six home lighting upgrades, you can improve the value of your home and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.