5 Ways To Encourage Your Guests To Use Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are a fun and effective way to connect you and your guests to your favorite wedding day memories. While at surface level a wedding hashtag can be a clever pun or slogan to represent your relationship, the hashtag truly shines the brightest in a digital space.

Having one unique hashtag allows you and your friends, family, and wedding guests to post your photos and videos on social media under the same tag. Using your wedding hashtag grants you access to your very own digital photobook. All your favorite digital memories will be stored and easily searchable under this unique tag.

The more use your hashtag gets, the better it’ll be! So, here are five ways you can encourage your wedding guests to put your custom hashtag to good use!

How To Encourage Your Guests To Use Your Wedding Hashtag

1. Upload A Save-The-Date Post On Social Media

There are so many moving parts to planning a wedding. One of these pre-wedding preparations should be coming up with a personalized wedding hashtag. The more clever, cunning, and customized your hashtag is, the more likely your wedding guests are to take notice of it, and be willing to use it.

To get a wedding hashtag, you can create one yourself or let a pro writer handle the ideation process for you! For example, the writers at Wedding Hashers are backed by years of wedding hashtag writing experience and can draft up some clever samples of hashtags to fit your relationship and style.

Once you and your significant other have settled on an awesome hashtag, it’s best to get that hashtag out to your friends and family as soon as possible. Get them excited about your upcoming wedding and your clever wedding hashtag by posting your save-the-date announcement on social media with the hashtag in use.

This is a great way to start populating your hashtag with wedding updates and memories while also introducing your guests to your new phrase.

2. Print Your Hashtag On Wedding Invites

After the save-the-date announcement, it’s time to send out the real invitations. Whether you choose to have digital wedding invitations or printed versions, be sure to have your wedding hashtag clearly written and emphasized on your invites. Also check out wedding live streaming newcastle as well.

This again will help call attention to your hashtag and prepare your guests to use your tag leading up to your wedding and of course on the day itself.

3. Use It On Your Wedding Welcome Sign

Having your wedding hashtag on the welcome sign to your ceremony and reception is an excellent idea for two main reasons. Above all else, it’s a helpful reminder to your guests that your wedding hashtag exists and should be used throughout the night.

This will be the first sign your guests see as they enter your wedding venue, and will help set the tone for your fun and trendy celebration. Secondly, having the hashtag fully written out is helpful in order for your guests to see the proper spelling of it all. You, of course, want your guests to use your wedding hashtag, but spelling it incorrectly helps no one. Having the visual of your hashtag around your venue will help prevent misspellings.

4. Project A Live Hashtag Feed

At your wedding reception, you can even get all your guests in on the hashtag fun with an interactive display. Grab a projector and find a blank wall at your reception and project a live hashtag feed onto that wall.

Every time your guests post a photo using your wedding hashtag, the post will appear on the projected screen. This interactive idea is often seen at many sporting events and can be a fun way to encourage your guests to use your hashtag and watch as their photos appear on the big screen.

5. Set Up A Photo Booth & Use Props

Photo booths are a fun wedding reception addition for guests of all ages. Incorporate your wedding hashtag into your designated photo area to take this idea to the next level.

If you have a photo booth, be sure to have fun props that have your hashtag on it whether that be silly signs or your hashtag written on a colorful hat or prop glasses.

If you choose to have a picturesque area with a wedding arch, flowers, or balloon displays instead, be sure to prominently feature your wedding hashtag in the background. This can be in the form of a sign or even a bright neon light. The more your guests see and pose with your hashtag, the more likely they are to put your tag to use on social media!

Hype Up Your Hashtag!

Throughout your wedding day, try hyping up your wedding hashtag. Gently remind your guests through both signs, gifts, speeches to put your specialized wedding hashtag to use. The more guests you have using your wedding hashtag, the more wedding day memories you’ll have digitally stored on social media.