5 Ways Kids Benefit From Dance Lessons

Everyone knows that putting a child in a sport helps them remain fit. But when a child is too young to join a sports team, what program can you offer them? Experts agree that dance class is a great option. It is not unusual for parents to put their toddlers in dance class. As young as they are, they can learn steps, learn to listen, and learn to have fun. In this article, we will look at the benefits that dance lessons afford you,

1. The Obvious

Dancing is a high-activity sport. It will allow children to stay fit. Dancing burns calories and builds muscle mass. Dancing is a weight-bearing exercise. This means the bones of a child can grow and stay healthy.

On a physical level, we are burning calories, building bones, and strengthening muscles. However, there are other physical traits that can benefit from dance.

2. The Brain of a Child

As any parent of a toddler and they will tell you, children are always going a mile a minute. Many parents comment on how they watch their child in awe as they seem to soak up everything around them. Everything is a learning experience. Think of all they learn in the early years of life. Speaking, walking, eating, colors, sounds, emotion, anger, and love.

A child is actively growing brain connectors at the rate of 1-million per second. When a child is placed in dance class, they actually open the brain up to developing more connectors. Your child is not just exercising their bodies. They are exercising their brain. You can enroll your child in acrobatic classes at first and it is a great start to honing their holistic wellbeing.

3. Social Skills

Perhaps for the first time, your little one will be in a situation where he or she doesn’t know the other children. They may have a friend in their class, but there will be others who are not friends or family. This is a teachable moment. They learn how to make friends and how to treat others. They quickly discover that their needs are not the primary concern. All of the children need attention.

As they progress, they learn to be friends. They help each other and when someone is having a hard time, they offer a hug or hold their friend’s hand. They learn empathy and they learn that we all have troubles learning some things.

Food is fuel

4. Food is fuel

You will never have a more opportune time to teach food and drink lessons than now. If you have ever had a fussy and picky toddler, you know how frustrating meal times can be.  When you enroll your kids in dance, you have a great opportunity to show them what food does.

We are not suggesting that you let your child eat whatever they want to. If your child doesn’t want dinner and ends up eating goldfish crackers on the way to class, you can explain to them that they ran out of gas and that is why they are so tired.  Simply explaining to them the reasons why they are feeling like they are is because they didn’t fuel up their tank. Kids can understand that and they will start eating better.

Do not make any food the bad guy. Truthfully, chocolate milk is used by professionals as a great recovery drink. After your child has completed their lesson, give them a cold cup of chocolate milk.  Compared to sports drink it has double the carbs, double the protein, high water content, and a good source of calcium.

5. Teamwork and perseverance

Dance class teaches kids how to work as a team. It shows how important it is to help each other. It teaches children that everyone is not the same, but everyone is equal. They learn that if they do not do their part, everyone suffers. Finally, they learn that sometimes you have to work at something to accomplish what we want.

A child feels a certain draw to other children that are dressed like them. This is the first block in the teamwork lesson. You don’t have to spend a lot to get your child quality dance clothes. You can order everything you need, online. Check out Just For Kix.

Doctors, coaches, dancers, and parents agree, dancing is a great way to keep your child healthy and happy.