5 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Improve Your Hiring

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is vital for successful recruitment. Hiring done via Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system may not certify accuracy, and the resultant hiring may turn out to be displeasing. Therefore, it’s recommended to get the ATS as it is efficient, consistent, and reliable. Resultantly it will be easier to hire better and competitive resources. In this respect, the most innovative small business applicant tracking system can be the right choice. Below are the 5 important ways an Applicant Tracking System can improve your hiring process.

Reach Talented Candidate Pool

The hiring process is all about getting to the right pool of candidates. An ATS system will aid your hiring process by shortlisting talented candidates and match your requirements. When your ATS is integrated with other job boards and social media platforms, you are scanning through a wide variety of candidates, and getting the talented ones out of them becomes easier.

Reduce Resume Pile

When a company posts about a job opening, there will be hundreds and, at times, thousands of job applications coming in. if done manually, going through these resumes and selecting the suitable ones will take a very long time. This is where your ATS will come in, it will shortlist the best candidates, and then you will be left with only a few to go through. When the resume pile is reduced, you will automatically be able to concentrate better on the limited applications that are left on the table.

Compiled Recruitment Data

Each hiring will teach you something about your process and each instance with the ATS will improve your process further. When you are using an ATS for the recruitment process, it is on the backend compiling all the data, from the time consumed for one hiring to practices you used to get the candidate on board. These statistics can give you a clear picture of the hiring process. You can see where your team is lacking and work on those areas.

Promote Company Culture

When you are looking to hire the best candidate for the job, you need to understand that the top candidates also look for certain things when choosing a company. Companies need to work on their websites to be promising to the candidates. With ATS, you can create a website portal for your company where you can update about the career opportunities and promote the company culture as well.

Automated Offer Letters

You often find the perfect candidate for the job but by the time you send them the offer letter, they have accepted a job offer elsewhere. This is because your process was very slow and you couldn’t keep them engaged while you were busy completing the necessary formalities. Once you have finalized the candidates, the interviews are all done; you can send an offer letter through the ATS to seal the deal.

Gone are the days when HR was responsible for doing everything by hand, from the interview calls to the offer letter. Now you can use tools and different systems like ATS to streamline your processes and speed them up.