5 Unexpected Times Countries Have Scored Over 150 Points at Eurovision

Every year the Eurovision Song Contest grabs headlines with claims of unfair voting, political agendas and uproar that songs simply didn’t do as well as audiences expected. This data put together by Betway shows just how well countries have done over the years, but that doesn’t mean victories haven’t caused a mix of emotions. There have been plenty of times when countries have unexpectedly done well; let’s take a look at some interesting Eurovision stats.

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United Kingdom – 2022

When you consider that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest didn’t go ahead at all and in 2021 the UK scored a shocking zero points, it is safe to say that most Eurovision fans weren’t expecting the UK to do well. However, as the scores started to come in for Sam Ryder & his song Space Man, it quickly became obvious that the tune had appealed to international audiences. The UK came 2nd, with 466 points just behind Ukraine.

Ukraine – 2022

Although Ukraine had won the song contest twice before, there weren’t many that assumed they would be successful once again. However, when you consider current world events it is no wonder that audiences got behind Kalush Orchestra, allowing them to finish the competition with over 600 points.

Australia – 2016

When you think about countries that do well in Eurovision, Australia is unlikely to be one that jumps out at you – mostly because, well they’re not in Europe. However, since joining the competition as a ‘one-off’ in 2015 to celebrate the contest’s 65th anniversary they have gone on to do well. When they joined as a permanent fixture in 2016 not many people expected them to do well, but actually, they finished with an impressive 511 points and in 2nd place.

Serbia – 2007

Considering Serbia had never been successful at the Eurovision Song Contest before, their win in 2007 was pretty unexpected. Marija Serofovic entered with her song Molitva and bagged an impressive 54.5% of the possible votes, ending with a score of 268 and topping the leader board.

Estonia – 2001

Another country that has only won the competition once is Estonia, which is why their 2001 triumph came as a surprise to many. Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL and their “Everybody” song gave them an overall score of 198, 75% of the total possible points.

Eurovision is always a competition that is full of surprises just as much as it is full of glitz and glamour. It isn’t just the performances on the night that can raise a few eyebrows, but the aftermath of who won and whether people think they were worthy is something that always lingers on. Is this something that is likely to change anytime soon? Absolutely not, it is the drama and fun surrounding the competition that helps to keep it so popular with international audiences so that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!