5 types of jewelry boxes according to your age

Women have a special relationship with jewelry. It’s unique symbols of femininity that allow them to express their personality and/or complete an outfit for going out.

A woman’s jewelry collection evolves over time as do her tastes. Therefore, the jewelry cases that accompany the woman are not the same during the different stages of life.

In this article, we have gathered the 5 main types of jewelry boxes that a woman experiences during her life. You can find a selection of quality wooden jewelry boxes for sale on the WJB brand’s online website.

Unfinished jewelry boxes for little girls

Little girls don’t have a large jewelry collection, but they do have costume jewelry that they love. They also need to be stored like other women’s jewelry. But it is complicated to choose a jewelry box that they like! Too strict or too old, how to choose?

You can buy a natural wooden jewelry box that has not been treated yet. This way, you let the little girls’ creativity run wild. They will be able to personalize their jewelry box according to their desire. Between painting, drawing, engraving or adding material, the possibilities are almost infinite!

Small jewelry boxes for teenager

It is in their teenage years that young girls receive their first real jewelry. Their number is still limited but they have a strong emotional value. Therefore, they must be stored in a quality jewelry box for women.

The most suitable little jewelry boxes are those with one or two layers maximum. Make sure that the notches match the characteristics of your jewelry, especially if you have jewelry with original shapes. These may not fit into normal sized notches.

You can also choose to buy tiny jewelry boxes for each piece of jewelry you own! Nothing better than a ring or necklace box adapted to the shape of your favorite jewelry. You won’t waste time looking for it among the rest.

Modern jewelry boxes for young adults

Young women in their thirties have greatly expanded their jewelry collection in recent years. The birthdays of the twenties were the occasion to receive the rings or the earrings of their dreams. They’ve been gathering dust in your dresser or bedside table and you don’t know where to put them.

The best way to protect them is to buy a wooden jewelry box made in a modern style. These simple shapes fit any interior. They are easy to change rooms and environments. They are a perfect match for women who have not yet settled on their living environment.

Moreover, many online stores offer a wide selection of products like this. They have the widest variety of features ranging from mirror jewelry box to 3 drawers jewelry box to round jewelry box.

Large jewelry boxes for moms

Moms who love jewelry have had time to develop their collection by exploring different styles. They have worn almost everything from costume jewelry to fine jewelry! Now, they need to organize their collection without mixing gold necklaces with rings that include precious stones.

To do this, it is wise to have a armoire jewelry box with several layers. Some jewelry boxes have side doors dedicated to necklaces and small drawers to accommodate bracelets individually.

It can be interesting to turn to the collections of asian jewelry boxes that also include many large products. In addition, these have a unique aesthetic that can add an interesting addition to a home’s decor. Whether it’s a lacquered exterior or a handmade engraving, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for among the incredible Japanese jewelry boxes available online.

Antique jewelry boxes for grannies

Grannies are still the most experienced regarding jewelry. They have so much that they don’t necessarily know where their entire jewelry collection is. From pearl necklaces to diamond brooches, they are the most knowledgeable about the subject. They are interested in the design but also in the rarity and the history of the different jewels.

They appreciate knowing the conservation process of old-fashioned jewelry boxes that they discover in flea markets. The same goes for the reproduction process of vintage jewelry boxes. They consider this work at its true value, as an artisanal work which requires a lot of patience and meticulousness. They can buy these objects as a simple decorative object.

This is the reason why they have several jewelry boxes, some of which do not necessarily contain jewelry. It can happen that they store these various boxes in a tall wooden treasure chest in order not to misplace them. It is a real treasure built over the years to take care of!