5 Software You Can Use to Detect Plagiarism in Your Essays

Plagiarism is one of those things you struggle with while writing your paper, essay, or any other content. It is so easy to detect and thus makes your copy less authentic. Sometimes even you are writing your content but the words somehow resemble the hundreds of copies present online. Thus it is the very basic thing you must tend to avoid. So you need any program which can tell you about the content you need to remove. They will tell you this content is matching the content already present. Thus, you can easily remove that content to avoid plagiarism.

There are numerous softwares available online to assist you in detecting plagiarism. You can use them to write plagiarism free essays. We are going to enlist a few plagiarisms detecting software.

1- Unicheck:

The previous name of “unicheck” was “unplag”. This software is cloud-based as it stores the copies online. It uses its program to check for similarities in text. It also checks for references and citations.

It is popular in students acquiring higher education and K-12. Many institutions suggest its usage. It also discovers letterings that one changes in the text with another alphabet. It gives a detailed report about similarities also providing a link to the origin from where one has copied.

2- Plagiarism Checker X:

It is another one of the best software you can install on your computer to detect plagiarism. It is available for both free and premium users. On free, you can paste your content up to a limit. You can also cross-check with the source by pasting side by side. It highlights the plagiarized content and gives the percentage of plagiarized content. You do not need to upload your document instead you copy the content and paste it into the dialogue box. It works only in windows and offers a pasting limit of one hundred and fifty words. But its accuracy is beyond question.


Scribbr is one of the finest detectors of plagiarism. This software offers a huge database to check against. It provides a thorough plagiarism report and percentage of plagiarized content. The best thing about Scribbr is that it provides you a list of sources. Also, it gives you a complete guideline to remove plagiarism. The plus point of it is that it does not store your file in the cloud thus protecting privacy.

4- Turnitin:

Undoubtedly, it is the best software you can find online to detect plagiarism. It has an algorithm that checks for unauthentic content in various databases. Turnitin provides a detailed report with highlighted parts that are copied. It gives a percentage and also enlists the sources.

5- Plag Scan:

This software is competing since 2009. It has a well-established reputation for its authenticity to detect plagiarism. The best thing about this is that it offers different plans like enterprise and professional. So it is the best for business as well as academic purposes.