5 Safety Precautions You Should Take When With Working Electricity

Often than not, one finds oneself in the most awkward positions ever.

Such is climbing up the deck equipped with a toolbox and ready to repair a broken cord.

Or unscrewing an old beat-up radio while you read through a guide that you just found online on how to repair a car radio.

Your case may be different. But as long as you’re here, it’s certain that you’re just about becoming an electrician for the moment.

And that is why I have shared these 5 safety precautions you should take when working electricity, whether at home or at work.

Let’s get to it…

Safety 1; You Are Not A Professional

This may sound harsh but if you’re not cut out for electricity repair works, simply don’t do it. Yes, drop that toolbox right now and call H&A NYC Electrician | Licensed Manhattan New York Electrical Services to do a great job for you at a budget-friendly price. Remember, it is better to be late than to be the Late. The best way to know you’re not cut out for this impromptu work is by remembering if you’ve experienced an electricity accident before in an attempt to do electrical repair work. Also, if you have a phobia for electricity or you’re not confident in yourself enough, let a professional do it.

Safety 2; You Are Not Superman

Okay, you’ve probably seen enough of superman holding naked cords with bare hands. But trust me, you’re no Superman. The first thing you should do even before grabbing your toolbox is to wear rubberized gloves or any other insulated gloves. This way, you are more protected and avoid stories that touch. Besides, the assurance that you’re protected gives you the confidence to make the repair properly in contrast to when you’re not wearing gloves. You will want to be careful as possible and may end up getting hurt big time.

Safety 3; You Are Not Charlie Chaplin

If there’s anyone who has gone the closest to all the stunts performed by Charlie Chaplin (RIP), it would be Tom climbing up a metallic ladder to fetch Jerry from an electricity pole. You know the rest of the story, don’t you? Whenever you’re trying to work at a receptacle at a height in your home, never use an aluminum ladder or any other ladder made of a material that can conduct electricity. Opt for a wooden ladder or something made out of plastic. Either is safer.

Safety 4; You Are No Aquaman

Ah… water. In fact, almost all liquid conduct electricity. Before you set out, make sure you’re completely damp. If you have sweats on your body, wipe it off with a damp towel first. Also, it is important to keep your area of operation moist-free. Especially in areas like the kitchen, the bathroom, or the toilet. A few minutes of mopping can save a life or two.

Safety 5; You Are Not Flash

Never forget Barry Allen if you’re a big fan like I am. But at the same time, never play the role of flash while handling electricity. DO NOT RUSH. If you don’t have enough time on your clock to do the work carefully, postpone it for some other time or call an expert.