5 Reasons why you should wear merino wool clothes for hunting

Nobody is here to question the high quality of Merino Wool. This Australian-spun delight has a super soft finish that is hard wearing, extremely resilient, and naturally waterproof. With so many benefits it is a wonder that we don’t wear it all the time… but of course, wool is a warm material, best kept for the cooler months… or is it?

We’re here to talk about 5 reasons that you should be wearing Merino Wool clothes for hunting. We don’t just mean in winter; we mean all year long. After all, few are more exposed to the elements than hunters are. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be doing so in comfort.

5 Reasons Merino Wool Is Perfect for Hunting

It’s soft, it’s warm, and it’s stylish… but it’s also so much more!

1. The Comfort Factor

You will struggle to find something better for being next to your skin than Merino wooli. This stuff is ideal for long waits, soft enough that it won’t irritate your skin while crouched for long periods, and tough enough to take the strain of kneeling in the dirt all afternoon.

If you do get it dirty, this Merino Wool Care Guide is the resource you need to care for it.

2. It’s Long Lasting

It’s tough, having been designed to withstand anything days and nights in the bush can throw at you. Merino is made up of longer woollen fibres than you will find in regular wool types. Because of these extra long fibres, it does not tear, rip, or hole, without determined effort. When you buy fine quality Merino Wool hunting gear, it has the capacity to last for decades.

3. It’s Thermally Insulating

All wool keeps you warm, most of us accept this. However, when you spend long periods of time outdoors – sometimes days at a time – you need clothing fit for purpose. It needs to be warm enough to keep up with the demands of log cabin living if it has to. Merino is up to the task.

4. Merino is Waterproof

Any wool is naturally waterproof, Merino in particular. It retains enough of the natural greases produced as it grows. These compounds encourage water to slip off the fibres instead of being soaked up. This is something that can’t be easily reproduced in a factory. It is also something that makes a garment with Merino as an inner lining doubly protective against the elements.

5. It’s Odour Resistant!

Finally, every man (or woman) who likes to hunt ought to have Merino in their closet. It’s highly breathable, which prevents odours stacking up in the first place. Secondly, the same natural greases that make for a warm, waterproof fabric are the same greases that will prevent the build up of bacteria. When you wear Merino Wool hunting gear, you don’t need to worry about smelling worse than the animals… at least for a while!

Hunting? Wear Merino

The upshot of all of this is that Merion makes for a great all-rounder, in terms of hunting. You won’t stink, you’ll be warm and dry, and if you have to outrun anything it won’t chaff. There are a hundred reasons to pick Merino. It’s best not to be stuck out there without it.