5 Major Factors Contributing to Fatal Bus Accidents

A Leesburg man, 36 years old, died after his car collided with a school bus on the U.S Highway 27, according to Daily Commercial News. Kalb News also reported a cruel accident where a truck driver named Holland struck a Louisiana church van, which caused the deaths of 5 children in the van.

In Geneva, the Seminole Public School bus got hit by a truck, which led to two injured 16- years old students, and the driver was also injured. Unfortunately, bus accident numbers are increasing day by day, resulting in loss of lives and property damage.

Following are some significant contributors to fatal bus accidents around the world.

Alcohol & Substance Consumption

A driver should know his responsibilities and never consume any alcoholic beverage before driving. Similarly, they should be careful about taking prescribed medications as many prohibit using them before driving. Driving is all about the correct decision-making and staying focused, whether on a bus or a car. Another contributor to fatal bus accidents is drug or substance abuse, which can inhibit a driver’s senses. Most accident investigations have blamed the driver for being drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Weather Conditions

In rare cases, a bus accident can be caused by rainy or stormy weather. It’s essential to check the weather beforehand and take precautionary steps accordingly to be safe from bus accident injuries. Additionally, bus drivers should be appropriately trained to handle extreme weather conditions.

Bus Inspection

This is the first step towards safety that companies often neglect. The motor industry serves around 600 million people in the U.S, which is equivalent to the airlines, but bus inspection protocols are not even close to airline inspection protocols. Bus inspection is a crucial safety step, and failure in inspection can cause an accident because of faulty brakes, steering, or tires.

Unsafe Urban Locations

A bus driver should be familiar with the area and its routes. If a bus driver maneuvers the bus into a constrained area, it can be immensely harmful to the bus and its passengers. Also, bus accidents in urban areas damage properties and other vehicles compared to open roads and highways.

Weight Allocation

Weight allocation is a critical element in the case of buses. Buses usually carry many passengers and heavy luggage. Most of the passengers on the bus don’t wear seat belts, and some people are standing too in the case of city buses. When a bus is filled more than its capacity, it can cause fatal accidents and devastating injuries to passengers.

Bus accident cases are unfortunately rising over time. Therefore, you need to be ready to handle any emergency. You can contact an experienced lawyer who can enlighten you about these situations and how to tackle them legally if you regularly use a bus or even use it rarely. If you have been in a bus accident, with a lawyer’s help, you can get fair compensation from the bus company to cover your expenses.