5 Major Causes of Motor Vehicle Collisions

Whether you recently started driving or are a seasoned driver, you are just one wrong move away from a deadline motor vehicle collision! A motor vehicle collision produces tension, and it might exacerbate stress. In addition, an automobile collision might result in everything, from injuries to property damage and hefty medical bills.

A motor vehicle collision can take place for a variety of reasons. However, some are more frequent than others. If you are injured in a car accident, you must understand the cause of the accident to get maximum compensation. Each type of motor vehicle collision is unique and requires an exceptional investigation. You can also visit this website to learn more about such motor vehicle accidents. View here to learn more about Drinking and driving quotes.

Here are five common causes of motor vehicle crashes:

1. Drunk Driving

Driving while you’re drunk is tantamount to endangering yourself and others. In addition, it damages your senses and mental capabilities. Therefore, when driving, drinking slows your reaction time and makes it difficult to make decisions. Ask a friend to drive you back home or wherever you intend to go if you’re drunk.

2. Distracted Driving

Another cause of motor vehicle collisions is distracted driving, which causes the vehicle to fail to keep in its lane, and catastrophic accidents result in severe injury or death. A distracted driver is busy with mobile devices, passengers, or even gossip and does not pay full attention to the road. However, the only responsibility of a driver is to pay attention to the driving while blocking out distractions.

3. Over Speeding

Over speeding is unarguably one of the primary causes of collisions. Many drivers are stuck behind vehicles in traffic, even if they are going too fast and frequently violate the statutory speed limit of 15 or even 20 miles per hour. A motor vehicle collision is more likely if you try to avoid a collision within 20 miles of the speed limit.

4. Reckless Driving

Passing through traffic or being cut off from other vehicles and wearing a title are some examples of reckless driving leading to severe accidents. If you see someone driving like this, it’s best to give them some space. Also, be careful when driving or riding because reckless drivers drive at full speed and get in and out of traffic unpredictably.

5. Unsafe Lane Changes

Have you ever been cut off by someone while driving? The answer is most probably “yes” because it’s common. When overtaking other vehicles, make sure you have enough space to overtake them if you need to. If there isn’t enough space to pass safely, don’t do this. Before changing lanes, pay close attention to both sides of your car. Also, utilize your blinker while changing lanes to alert others to your maneuvers.

Although several new technologies have been introduced in vehicle technology, such as backup cameras, adaptive lighting, and forward coalition systems (FCS), however, still, motor vehicle collisions continue to occur. Whether accidents are major or minor, they radically change a person’s life. For example, they can lead to loss of wages, pain and suffering, and chronic illness. Since motor vehicle collisions are frequent, it is essential to understand the underlying causes to be able to avoid them in the first place.