5 Helpful Tips for Working Remotely

Living in the times of the global pandemic and through another lockdown creates many different issues for all of us. The requirement to move to the home office is one of them. As if our jobs were not stressful enough, now we have to deal with this new situation. If your company has decided to have their employees working remotely, there are some useful tips you can implement to make it easier and more efficient for yourself.

Things like maintaining a healthy workplace, improving communication and keeping a healthy work-life balance now fall on our shoulders. Many employees might not like to work from home, but that is how things look right now, so it’s better to adapt. With some preparations, your remote work can be satisfying. After all, you may be more in control of your schedule and other important things and adjust them to your preferences.

If you are working remotely, this article is for you! Below you will find five useful tips that will make your productivity skyrocket.

Gather All the Necessary Tools

With every person from your team working from their home, it can sometimes get challenging to stay on top of things, but the development of technology keeps providing us with new solutions.

For example, if you do not have a fax machine in your home, you can go to faxburner.com for simple online fax services – all you need is a smartphone or computer. Tools such as Slack or Zoom are here to improve communication within and between teams of your organization – you can easily attend meetings online or organize a brainstorming session.

Many companies recommend certain tools and apps to their employees, and these recommendations are based on requirements of a certain industry, so maybe it’s worth asking some of your colleagues or your manager.

Remember About Communication

When you’re not in the office with the rest of your team, effective communication can become incredibly difficult. However, it should not be neglected, as the flow of information is essential to everyone’s productivity, in small and large companies alike.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as over-communication. Use your company’s chosen communication tool to talk to other people about work tasks but also how they are managing the whole situation while working remotely. It may even be a good idea to schedule an online break together from time to time – grab a coffee and talk to your colleagues on Zoom just like you used to in the office kitchen.

Conference calls can be a great way to keep up the good spirits and keep everyone informed. Don’t rush anything and try to make sure that everyone is heard. It may be more difficult to identify problems from a distance, so you need to be there for each other.

Consider Your Workspace

Home office can be hard at first, as it may not be as comfortable as working from the office. And arranging your workspace can be tricky, especially if the change was sudden.

However, making your home a great place to work will have a positive effect on your productivity, mood and general well-being. A dedicated workspace will allow you to focus better but also put a line between your work life and free time.

So, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit – working from your bed is only enjoyable for the first couple of days. Then, you start missing a good chair and some professional environment. It will also make it easier for you to stop thinking about work once you’re finished for the day. You don’t want working from home to change into living at work.

Carefully Manage Your Time

Remember — your time is valuable! While working from home, you can sometimes get lost in all the work that has to be done. That is understandable, but you should stay attentive to avoid later burnout. If you feel tired, you are probably not going to be very productive anyway.

Schedule your working hours beforehand and set clear boundaries. Focus on your work only at the right time. Your brain needs some time off from time to time, too.

Leave Your Home

If you can leave home during your scheduled breaks, then go for it. Just remember about social distancing and other safety measures.

There is nothing more relaxing than getting a breath of fresh air and walking around, especially if your job forces you to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Visit the local park that you like, or explore your neighborhood. Perhaps you could check out this little coffee shop that was recently opened near you?

Enjoy the day that has been given to you to the fullest. This way, you will have much-needed energy to get back to work.

The Bottom Line

With the global pandemic and all its consequences, it is perfectly normal to feel a bit down and less motivated. However, that’s also why it is crucial to take care of your mental health, keep the work-life balance and take all the necessary measures to organize your space.

To achieve that, set a healthy routine, organize your home office, and get ready to work remotely! Remember to effectively communicate with your team and managers – reach out and be available. Instead of focusing on the downsides of remote work, focus on what you have gained and enjoy (responsibly) your freedom.

With our tips in mind and the right attitude, you will make the best out of this opportunity for sure. Make important preparations, stay productive, wear a mask, wash your hands, remember about social distancing and everything will be well. Good luck!