5 Fashion Accessories That Will Transform Your Look

Fashionistas will agree: accessories have the power to transform a look! Proof of this are the various challenges we see on blogs and fashion profiles. Same outfit, countless compositions! Just by changing accessories it is possible to completely change the style and personality of the look!

Basic productions gain personality by adding a colorful item, for example, which can be an orange flap bag, a Paisley bandana or even a red All Star. A belt is able to transform that minimalist look, and a boot boot can marry very well with a romantic dress!

Do you like these fashion tips? So keep reading and check out 5 fashion wholesale accessories capable of transforming the look!


Underwear is not visual, but it is very important for the way you look generally. Choose sexy underwear from comfortable materials that fit your size. It will make you feel confident and sexy. Check the products of  Knotty Knickers, an online Canadian women`s underwear brand for cute and affordable knickers.

Orange Flap Bag

A dot of color can transform our look and our mood! And one of my favorite tricks to do it in a practical, fun and super stylish way is to bet on an It Bag, in this case, the Flap bag by Petite Jolie.

This piece brings, in addition to the super vibrant color, an extra texture that makes the look more interesting: the slightly mirrored plastic finish, Petite Jolie’s signature . The material is very resistant, waterproof, easy to care for and always beautiful! I have bags from the brand that are years old and are still beautiful. Worth the investment!

The envelope model also brings a charm to the look without causing excess information and the strap, although fixed, can be placed inside the piece, transforming it into a clutch (handbag) or a fanny pack (passing a thin belt or scarf to finish).

Vintage Watch

The first reason why I don’t use a watch is its obvious use: to tell the time. But I’ve always found accessory watches to be very elegant and that give personality to a look , far beyond its functionality.

Since I was a child, I like to wear watches of the most diverse shapes and colors, as a big fan of accessories that I am. Casio is a brand that I trust, for its time in the market and also for its vintage models – another characteristic that has my heart!

This silver model, in particular, is a model that I share with my husband. Its practical and unisex design wins over both of us , so we share “the guard” of it, lol. Relating its use to my Personal Color Chart, which includes silver metals, it is perfect because, above all, it matches my skin tone, enhancing it.

Vintage Sunglasses

I love accessories and glasses are one of my favorites. Ever since I was a kid I loved using it! I love the fact that my face is oval, as generally oval shaped faces allow for almost any frame style, which makes my life so much easier!

In my opinion, glasses are accessories that make every look more stylish. I have a collection of them, in all colors and formats, to use in different compositions and with a street style vibe , which is a style that I really like!

I chose this vintage and rectangular model that is timeless, that is, it is a classic that does not go out of style . If I had to choose just one model to use for the rest of my life, it would be this one, because it can go through all styles. From the street to the most classic, he wears very well.

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Brown Short Sleeve Boot

On cold days, my favorite joker accessories are boots! In addition to making our feet, and even legs, warmer, they make the look super stylish!

One of my favorites is this brown ankle boot from Santa Lolla. In addition to being beautiful, it is super comfortable, as the heel is medium and thick , giving all the comfort that I prioritize. She can still make the look more stripped or more elegant, just change the compositions and everything changes.

Ecological Coachella Belt

Whenever I choose a look proposal, I like to bet on accessories, because I believe they bring identity to the look. One of the pieces I’ve been using the most is this belt, with a western feel .

Inspired by North American country, this style of belt gained prominence for being widely used at festivals, especially at Coachella – one of the most famous music festivals in North America, which takes place in California.

My style is casual, I like to use basic, versatile pieces, with a minimalist approach, and in these productions it’s always good to add personality. That’s why I like this belt so much! Because it’s black in color, it goes with everything . And I think the buckle is all worked in aged silver.