5 Fantastic Dressing Tips For Attending a Summer Wedding

Wedding celebrations bring in lots of excitement whether it be yours or your close ones. Especially when your friends are getting married, you hunt to find the perfect outfit for a bridesmaid. The emotional feelings, delicious food, breathtaking venues, vibrant music never fail to impress.

Moreover, weddings are no longer formal events where you sit down, hear only speeches, and follow strict traditions, and it is more of a relaxing and enjoyable experience now.

When you expect an invitation to a wedding, it is best to plan so that you do not stress up in the last few days. Here are some tips when you plan to attend an April to September wedding. And if you are looking for top-of-the-line wedding gowns and dresses, contact Avery Austin.

How to Dress for the Event

When attending a distant relative or friend’s wedding, avoid wearing the same color as the bridesmaid. You can ask from the bride’s side about the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Read on as we will provide some tips on where you can find a reputable company offering the best suit rental service.

You can opt for an evening dress with hair tied back for a neat look. For perfect summer weddings, go for knee-length cocktail dresses in Australia that have beautiful laces stitched on.

Dress for the Season

Make sure to dress according to the weather, especially when you wish to look flawless for the photos. You want to avoid shivering in the winter or sweating too much in the summer.

Go for an outfit that can ensure you have a comfortable and memorable experience. For summer, you can go for a short sleeve dress in a floaty fabric. Some breathable fabrics include cotton, linen, and silk, but they tend to crease faster.

Wear Vibrant Colors

One thing you can avoid is to wear all black color. For weddings, it is usually inappropriate to wear black attire that is traditionally meant for mourning. Since the times have changed, wearing black has become more acceptable.

For an alternative option, you can go for bright and vibrant colors. Neural colors with bright accessories are a perfect combination for summers. For a mix-up version, you can wear a black top with a vibrant skirt or trousers.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

If you are not used to wearing heels for a longer time, it’s totally fine to go with your comfort style. You can ditch your stilettos for a pair of matching sneakers.

When you are closely related to the groom or bride, you will probably have to run around to carry out some errands. From the ceremony, dancing, taking photos, reception, checking the bride list, and much more.

How to Accessorize and Wear Makeup

Weddings are one of those events that also bring together people we seldom see daily. With all the meet and greet and hugs, you probably want to accessorize lightly. Even though you are waiting to wear your favorite earring and statement necklace, think twice, especially when planning to dance at the event.

For your makeup, try to keep it light during the hot season. The summer heat can get to you the most when you have a heavy face of makeup. It is best to put on a light BB cream, lipstick or lip tint, and minimal eye makeup.