5 Facts About Kabaddi

Kabaddi is one of the most popular games and if you are a fan of the kabaddi fantasy app game. Then just for you, I am sharing the interesting facts about the kabaddi game. With this article, you get aware about the real facts of the kabaddi game So let’s start begins with the facts-

Interesting Facts About Kabaddi Game

1.Mahabharata refers to kabaddi too– In the ancient time of India, the track of the kabaddi game is almost around 4,000 years ago. As most of the players believe the historians. So, Mahabharata refers to the kabaddi match. Because during the battle of the Abhimanyu’s, with the kauravas. This kabaddi game is played at that time. Another reason is that the Buddhist disclose the fact that the Lord Gautama Buddha also played the kabaddi game just for recreation.

2.Women aren’t far Behind– In India, the first match of the women were held in 1995, Calcutta. As in most of the game, women are not allowed to play the game. But here women are not far behind. At the Asian games, it takes only 15 more years before the event of women was introduced. Here the women are collecting the gold medal in Guangzhou (2010) and after that in Incheon (2014). These gold medals have the stamp of the authority of the Women’s Kabaddi World Cup and they will also meet the three global winners.

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3.Kabaddi has its Diversity- Every state of India, the kabaddi has its different name in different states. So if you want to know the diversity of the kabaddi. then here in this paragraph you will get to know. In Southern India, it is called Chedugudu and in northern parts, it is called Kaunbada. If I talk about the eater and the western parts, then it is known as christened Ha-Do-Do and Hu-Tu-Tu. Rather than these states, it is important in the different countries like Bangladesh and Nepal too. So the kabaddi game has a huge diversity.

4.Kabaddi With The Thousand Names– Well, I have shared the various names in different parts of India. Along with these names of kabaddi, it is also known for the various nicknames which you have heard everywhere in India. So kabaddi is also known as the “game of the masses”. It is basically for two main reasons. The first reason is that anyone can easily play this amazing game as it is very simple. Another reason is that it has a variety of fan base games. So, basically it is the game which attracts lots of people just for the competition.

5.Kabaddi Goes to the Olympics– India is the country where in every 4 years, the international sports are held. Here all the India Kabaddi Federation came into existence just to organize the Senior National Championship from 1952. The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) was formed in 1972 and introduced national competitions just for the juniors levels. So, kabaddi goes in the Olympics also. Now this game is more interesting and the player also enjoys it more and more.