5 Factors to Check Before Buying Thai Buddha Statues

Thailand has long been regarded as a country where Buddhism is revered. Thus, it’s only natural that Thai statues and idols relating to Buddhism are just as famous.

When you’re looking into the right Thai Buddha statue to buy now for your home, there are multiple factors to consider. The right Buddha statue will bring prosperity, happiness, and peace to your home, but the wrong one may prevent your home from receiving positive energy.

Where Will You Place Your Thai Buddha Statue?

Thai Buddha statues can be placed in multiple areas within your home. Except for the bathroom, storeroom, bedroom, and laundry room, you can place your statue anywhere.

If you’re looking to place your statue outside in the garden, you may be looking for material that doesn’t quickly decay or get affected by weather elements, such as stone.

Thai Buddha statues usually come in brass and require proper maintenance regardless of whether they are placed inside or outside. These statues are also handmade, which serve to make each one unique and expertly crafted.

The Buddha Statue Posture

Buddha statues come in various forms, and some of the common postures that Thai Buddha Statues come in are:

  • Meditating Buddha (Dhyana Mudra): Symbolizes concentration and attainment of spiritual knowledge. Ideal for learning spaces.
  • Bhumisparsha Buddha (Calling the Earth to Witness): symbolizes Buddha’s enlightenment and the moment he summons the Earth Goddess, Sthavara, to witness his Nirvana. Ideal for meditation.
  • Teaching Buddha (Vitarka Mudra): With thumb and index finger touching in both hands. Ideal for learning and self-cultivation.
  • Abhaya Mudra: Symbolizes Fearlessness and Blessings. Allows protection from harmful energy and boosts confidence

You can usually find all these postures in sitting or standing positions. All of these postures are ideal for any home and will serve to radiate a positive aura throughout your living space.


Gold is considered a supreme color when it comes to Thai Buddhist statues. It is why many of their statues are entirely cast in gold color or have extensive gold ornamentation present on the statue.

Besides gold, other common colors in Thai Buddha statues are Antique Green, Brown, and Grey. You can choose whatever color fits best within your home. Check the product specifications carefully before you opt for ‘buy now.’


Buddha statues come in all shapes and sizes. Your home may not be ideal to fit a 6 ft Buddha statue but may be perfect for a 12-inch statue that fits right with your praying altar.

As statues of Buddha shouldn’t be placed directly on the floor, you should also consider getting a stand (if it doesn’t come with your statue) if you’re looking at larger-sized statues.

Significance of the Statue

What role do you want your Thai Buddha statue to play in your home? Is it there so you can encourage inner harmony and peace, or for blessings and good luck?

These are some questions you must ask yourself when you’re buying a Thai Buddha statue. Varying Buddhist postures signify different types of energy flow into your home, so you should do your research and make sure you’re buying the right Buddhist statue for your space.

If you’ve ever visited a Thai Buddhist temple, you may have also noticed that there are different Buddha statues for each day of the week. You can also decide what type of statue you want depending on the day you were born or your lucky day.

Buy Now the Perfect Thai Buddha Statue for Your Home

Affordability should be another factor that you should consider when looking for the right Thai Buddha statue. There are distinct price points for each piece depending on its size and material.

When you’re looking for authentic Thai statues, it’s crucial to ensure that the place you’re buying from sells original products and can verify product authenticity.

Many stores and websites allow you to glimpse into the lives of the artists who make each unique statue and the process of handcrafting such pieces. These places may be pricier, but their reliability and expertise in Buddhist statues can lead you to make an informed purchase.