5 Celebrities Taking Over The World Of Cannabis

Do you think you would have become rich if you lived during the gold rush? There would have been lots of opportunities to make millions of dollars. You’re in luck because we’re living in a gold rush 2.0 at the moment.

Think about how much you can make in the cannabis industry. Even celebrities are trying to steal a billion-dollar piece of the pie. Let’s look at who’s getting involved and how they plan on beating out the stiff competition.

1. Seth Rogan

Every Pineapple Express fan will know Seth Rogan loves cannabis more than life itself. He’s probably never been completely sober in the last few decades. Seth created Houseplant with Evan Goldberg, his long-time creative partner.

He doesn’t offer as many marijuana products & services as companies like Leafy Things, but their website still managed to crash on the first day. It’s only good for regular smokers because the strains are so strong.

2. Jay-Z

I doubt you’ll be ordering Monogram for your next weed delivery in North York, but it does have a fanbase in California. If you want to buy an OG hand-roll, it’s going to set you back $50 thanks to the wild taxes.

Jay-Z is already the Chief Visionary Officer at Caliva, but he wanted to offer fans a luxury weed line. If you live in the right place and have money to burn, it’s worth checking out. So far, it’s had pretty good reviews.

3. Snoop Dogg

Snoop is working hard to get cannabis legalized nationwide in the coming years, which should see his net worth skyrocket. The ex-rapper already has multiple companies in the cannabis industry, which includes a CBD e-commerce site.

Leafs By Snoop is probably the one most people have heard about recently. It’s grown since it was founded in Colorado half a decade ago. Snoop also co-founded an investment fund worth hundreds of millions today.

4. Tommy Chong

If you asked most non-smokers to describe a marijuana-loving hippie it would be Tommy Chong. He got screwed by the government and thrown in jail, but it looks like everything is going to be okay because of his weed company.

Anyone who needs a chubby joint with a full eighth of bud inside will love The Chonger. Chong offers fancy fruit-flavored breath strips with THC infused into them, plus other goodies like vape pens and topicals.

5. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson deserves a special mention because he’s been talking about the benefits of cannabis for decades. Every celebrity wants to get high with Willie to see if they can keep up, which is strange considering his age.

Willie’s Reserve offers decent flower, pre-rolls, and vape cartridges in multiple states. He won’t put his name on anything you won’t enjoy, plus Willie has the experience to know exactly which strains are the best.

It’s Going To Get Crazier Soon

If celebrities aren’t promoting a cryptocurrency, they’re starting a cannabis business, so expect to see lots more appearing soon. I’m sure a few of them will turn into huge brands.