5 Best Residential Proxy Providers to Look Forward to in 2021

Are you looking to send a thousand of requests without getting blocked? If so, residential proxies can help you achieve it. While there are dozens of residential proxy providers in the market, only a few can meet your requirements. Here, we have listed the best residential proxy providers you must look forward to in 2021.

What are Residential IP Proxies?

Residential IPs are offered by an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and not by a data center. Its physical location can track a computer’s IP address. So when you surf the web, you give out information about your IP address, cookies, browser preferences, and more.

As a consequence, some service providers may block you from accessing their content. If you use scripts for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media bots, or try to scrape data, your IP address can get blocked, preventing you from accessing the web page you want. Residential proxies help you overcome these hurdles.

Benefits of Residential IPs

Let’s look at the benefits residential IPs offer:

  • Hides Your IP Address

A residential proxy server can conceal your real IP address from the visited website. This is useful to bypass geolocation issues and access any content at the global level.  Be sure to check out the proxy detection IP address database as well.

  • Filters Requests

Businesses can get proxies that stop their staff members from accessing sites that can damage their network or hamper their productivity.

  • Offers Protection

Browsing the web from your IP address exposes you to security risks and hacker attacks. A proxy shields your IP from external servers, thereby offering greater protection. Top proxy servers utilize a firewall to deliver added security.

  • Ideal for International Companies

International businesses that show content to site visitors based on their country need a proxy server that can identify their website visitors’ nation and show them appropriate local content.

5 Best Residential Proxy Providers To Look In 2021

Here, we have reviewed the top 5 residential proxy providers in the market to help you make an informed choice.

1. Rayobyte

RayoByte.com’s residential proxy service has become a cornerstone of corporate entities’ data-driven strategies, offering a transformative approach to business intelligence. By relying on RayoByte, companies unlock a wealth of opportunities for informed decision-making. They can extract actionable insights from various online platforms, empowering them to refine marketing strategies and gain a deeper understanding of their target audiences. Moreover, RayoByte’s dedicated support team provides round-the-clock assistance, ensuring a seamless user experience and addressing any technical or operational queries promptly. 

With RayoByte as a trusted partner, corporate entities can harness the full potential of data intelligence, propelling their businesses toward success in today’s competitive landscape. Additionally, RayoByte’s customizable solutions empower businesses to choose proxy pools tailored to their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

2. GeoSurf

You can use GeoSurf’s residential IP addresses and proxies for shoe/sneaker bots, ad verification, web crawling, and data harvesting. GeoSurf allows you to access any type of geo-targeted content. It offers its services via smartphone connections and as a browser toolbar, Direct Connect API, residential IPs API, and VPN client.

GeoSurf’s residential IPs are provided in over 192 countries and connect major cities in these nations. The company is adding extra IPs to gives access to more number of locations across the world. Its toolbar functions well on Firefox for Mac, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. As per ResearchAndMarkets.com, GeoSurf is a leading player in the IP proxy networks market.

GeoSurf Highlights

  • GeoSurf offers clean and unlimited residential IPs.
  • Each user is given several threads and connections
  • This provider delivers fast and secure proxy services.
  • Its API is usable and coder-friendly.
  • GeoSurf’s toolbar is simple to use and allows you to change the location with a single click easily.

3. ProxyRack

ProxyRack was founded in 2012 in Australia. It offers rotating residential proxies, mixed data center rotating proxies, and USA data center rotating proxies. These services process over 50 million access requests each day. They also power large global data-mining organizations.

ProxyRack’s main service is rotating residential proxies, which it provides under the term Residential Backconnect Proxies. It offers reliable phone support so users can get their issues resolved promptly.

ProxyRack Highlights

  • The Residential Backconnnect Proxies can function with any type of proxy software that is supported by HTTPS or SOCKS
  • ProxyRack’s packages are ideal for casual web browsing and data mining
  • ProxyRack offers an extensive database of more than 108,000 IP addresses
  • Its services make your internet browsing very difficult to track
  • Bitcoin payments are accepted

4.  Smartproxy

Smartproxy provides reliable and cheap residential proxies. It gives access to a wide proxy collection of more than 10 million residential IPs with each package and pricing based on traffic.

Smartproxy provides a simple-to-use dashboard to manage traffic usage and sub-users easily. It targets eight specific cities and over 195 countries.

Smartproxy Highlights

  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • API management
  • Excellent customer service
  • A 3-day moneyback guarantee
  • This provider is ideal if you wish to scrape data, verify ads, perform market research, purchase limited-edition tickets or sneakers, create accounts on social media platforms, and more

5. Microleaves

Microleaves is a leading proxy service provider, and it offers shared proxies, dedicated proxies, and back connect proxies. This company’s vast P2P proxy network includes 26 million residential IPs and covers every major city worldwide.

Microleaves offers a helpful section on Frequently Asked Questions on its website that you can use to find quick and simple solutions to your issues and questions on proxies. If you need to contact an agent, you can utilize the ticket-based support solution that is simple to find.

Microleaves Highlights

  • A 3-day moneyback guarantee
  • Residential and non-sequential IP addresses
  • USA-based dedicated proxies
  • Backconnect proxies with auto-rotating residential IP address every five minutes
  • You can avail of both dedicated and residential proxies

6. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies is a comprehensive proxies provider that presents dedicated proxies, reverse rotating proxies, data center IPs, and residential IPs. You can use data center rotating proxies for steady data scraping, data center dedicated proxies for your social accounts and rotating residential proxies to access sneaker sites.

Storm Proxies was established in 2016 by SEO experts. It mainly offers back connect proxies that are residential IPs that can be used to scrape data on search engines or SEO solutions like SEO Powersuite, Domain Hunter Gatherer, SENuke, RankerX, Scrapebox, and others. Storm Proxies’ services cover a wide range of requests and needs. Its dedicated proxies are similar to other private proxies that present fixed and static IPs.

Storm Proxies Highlights

  • 2-day risk-free trial
  • Residential and non-sequential IP addresses
  • EU and US proxies
  • Offers both data center and residential IPs
  • Proxy gateway is SEO optimized


Do you want to surf the web freely and access any website while preserving anonymity and privacy? The above listed top residential proxy providers will help you. Choose the one that suits your requirements. Happy surfing!