5 Academic Options to Satisfy Your Desire to Help Others

Compassion is the foundation of humanity. It shows that you are a humane person. It enables you to understand the situation others are facing and take action for their improvement. Human compassion allows people to help and support. In today’s extremist environment, it is a much-needed force. The COVID-19 crisis is proof of that. We all are traveling on the same boat, so instead of pushing, we should help each other. If you also foster a strong desire to help others, now is the time to act. Pursuing a service-oriented career is a great way to support the masses. Today we will tell you about the five academic options to satisfy your desire to help others. Read on to find out more.


Teachers have a life-long impact on their students. If you want to change the lives of others, take up teaching as a profession. Teachers are the backbone of any society. An elementary school teacher teaches children to read and write. A secondary teacher shows them how to live. Simultaneously, the professional level teachers educate the students in cultivating skills to draft a successful career for themselves. The role of a teacher is very impactful. As a teacher, you can help individuals develop physically, emotionally, economically, and socially. They are thus changing their lives forever.

Emergency management

Nothing is more harmful than a hazardous event or a natural disaster. With the current climatic shift, we are experiencing more natural disasters than ever. Such events endanger a society’s ability to function. They pose a threat to people’s health, property, and the environment. Donating for their cause is the most obvious way of helping them out. But if you want to aid them more effectively, pursue a career in emergency management. The emergency management department creates strategies that help people cope with natural disasters and reduce their vulnerability to hazards. It promotes safe and less vulnerable communities that can quickly cope with such events. You can enroll in degree programs that different educational institutes offer. Or you can also apply for online masters in emergency management. Both provide comprehensive knowledge and training in disaster prevention, emergency preparation, recovery procedures, and public safety protocols.


Healthcare workers are responsible for promoting health, preventing diseases, and delivering quality services to the large population. It is the most apparent profession when it comes to helping others. Whether you choose to become a doctor or become a compassionate nurse, both are effective academic options that change lives. Doctors diagnose and treat injuries and sicknesses of ailing people. In short, they reduce suffering. Nurses not only administer the treatment but also encourage the patients towards their healing. Their compassion and encouragement have them on their feet in no time. Regardless of whichever career pathway you choose, healthcare is a fulfilling academic option to satisfy your desire to help others.

Social work

Social work is all about helping others. It revolves around helping people overcome difficulties and challenges in their life. As a social worker, you can support suffering people and help them lead better lives. Different institutions offer comprehensive social work degree programs that focus on enhancing human well-being. They train students to help the vulnerable and oppressed individuals who live in poverty. With improved communication skills and emotional intelligence, you can also help meet both their fundamental and complex needs. And it’s not just about people; you can also work for nature and animals. After graduating, you can join a non-profit organization to serve the greater good. World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Red Cross, and Oxfam, to name a few. They are a great channel to satisfy your desire to help others.


Mental health and wellness are essential factors in human life. In fact, during the past decade, the world observed a dramatic shift in mental illness attitudes. The field itself is vast and diverse. So if you like challenges, try pursuing a career in psychology. Unlike traditional physicians, psychologists do not prescribe medications to treat illness. Instead, they use different techniques to alleviate individuals’ sufferings at emotional, social, and psychological levels. As a psychology graduate, you can choose to work with specific age groups ranging from kids to adults. Or you can choose to work on research projects whose findings are beneficial for the entire humanity. The field offers tons of different jobs. Depending on what you want to do, you can enroll for a bachelor’s, a master’s, or a doctorate.


Contrary to what some people believe, compassion is not a sign of weakness. When you can feel the pain of others, it prompts you to do something to ease it. It is a recognition that no human is infallible. When you grasp this concept, you instinctively develop the desire to do something for the greater good. Above, we have listed five academic options to satisfy your desire to help others. They are all vast and varying career pathways. Depending upon what you want to do, you can choose an option and embark upon your fulfillment journey.