4 Unique Gift Ideas for the Homebody

Everyone has that certain someone in their life that loves to stay home. They’re happiest within the comfort of their house, puttering around and relishing in the joys of familiarity. And with all that’s happening in the world lately, it’s no wonder they prefer to stay home. With cold, winter weather lingering and a global pandemic, thousands of people are also spending more time inside. 

Does your pal have a birthday coming up? You want to choose a present that’s both practical and thoughtful — something that they can enjoy at home. Check out our list of four unique gift ideas for the homebody in your life.

1. Satellite TV

The right satellite TV package could make all the difference in your friend’s home life because it will amp up the quality of their at-home activities. If your pal loves entertainment and pop-culture, they’ll appreciate all that satellite has to offer. Look for a satellite TV provider that will allow you to order as many channels as you desire so that you can get the best value for your budget and your pal’s viewing interests. For example, is your friend a big film buff? You could find a package that consists of all the best movie channels so that they could enjoy endless hours watching all the greatest movies. 

2. Sleeping Gear

The great thing about spending a lot of time at home is that you can be cozy at all times. Consider treating your friend to a selection of different pyjama styles, bathrobes, and slippers. Look for the most comfortable materials, such as terry-cloth or flannel. And, consider things such as your friend’s favourite colours and interests. For example, are they huge fans of Harry Potter? If so, why not order Harry Potter-themed pyjamas or slippers? They’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture and likely never take them off. 

3. A Gift Certificate to a Local Bookstore 

Further to watching television, reading provides endless entertainment at home. Depending on your friend’s taste in literature, they may enjoy historical fiction, mystery, or science-fiction. If you want to give them a unique new book to read but are unsure of what to get, why not get a gift certificate instead? A gift certificate allows your pal to get precisely what they want to read. You don’t want to risk giving them something that they won’t enjoy. Find a local bookstore in your friend’s area to support local business during this challenging economic time. Your pal can make their order with them and easily pick it up at their convenience. 

4. A Special Home Addition

Is your homebody a wiz in the kitchen? Or, perhaps they love decorating the living room with unique pieces of art. Find that special something they love about their home, and add to it with a heartfelt gift. It could be an antique set of dinner plates or a beautiful poster to hang on their wall. Whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your pal’s face.

Gifts for the home are all about increasing comfort. Before you purchase an item, ask yourself, will this increase their relaxation level, or will it have no effect at all? These ideas are sure to make your friend much more comfortable, relaxed, and happier in their favourite spot — home.