4 Tips to Fight Against Parental Alienation

Divorce has become a common scenario in today’s world. The separation of parents brings out the situation of parental alienation in Canada. As a result, things can be extremely challenging for a child.

The importance of having both father and mother in a child’s life is unimaginable. When parents go for separation, the kid is bound to live with only one of their parents. Therefore, parental alienation becomes crucial.

Here we will see 4 tips to fight against parental alienation.

Basic Idea about Parental Alienation

Parental alienation means separating a child from its custodial or biological parent. When one parent fails to fulfill all the necessary caregiving activities towards the child, the other parents can issue a parental alienation case against that parent.

The filing of a parental alienation case means that the parent desires the child to be live far away from the other parent. This is again quite common as disputes between the spouse are not very unusual.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you will have to go down without a fight. If you think the projection is coming from hatred, you can fight against the filed case and prove your rightfulness. Wondering how you can go about it?

Here are 4 significant tips to fight against parental alienation and win the custody of the child over again.

4 Tips to Fight Against Parental Alienation

The children are the one who suffers the most during parental alienation. As a result, it is a must to end the conflict as soon as possible. Here are 4 tips for tackling parental alienation and possibly winning.

1. Maintain constant communication with the child

One of the most common things one parent does is limit the visiting hours with the child for the other parent. This deteriorates the relationship between the child and the parent. Eventually, the one who filed an alienation wins the case.

Therefore, your first task would be to constantly contact your kid. You can even seek lawyer support and provide a written request to be in touch with your child. This way, you and your child create a strong bond that may pursue the court to be in your favor.

2. Do not be the alienator

Tit for tat is something we humans cannot live without. When you find out that your spouse is badmouthing about you to your child, you may be tempted to do the same. However, that is not wise at all. You must remember that two wrongs will not make the situation right for you.

As a result, you must control your urge and be the better person here. You will have to win over your child with love and affection. Badmouthing about your spouse would make your child even more confused.

3. Keep a journal for yourself

Every date and important information must be stored down somewhere for future use. You never know what may come in handy in which situation. Therefore, you should write down the important dates, the description of the situation and other things.

For instance, you can keep a tab on the dates that you were not allowed to see your child and also write down all the excuses used to keep you away. When you show this in court, the judge may realize that the custodial parent has frequently been using excuses to keep you away for no reason at all.

4. Remain adamant and strong

It can be really frustrating to not be able to see your child and, on top of that, hear bad and untrue things about you. You may even hopelessly try to continuously communicate with the child but with no positive outcome. But remember, you can never give up.

Your child and the court must realize how often you had tried to see your kid and were the better person even when the other parent kept badmouthing you. The moment you give up, you will be considered a bad parent, and the child will believe this all the time. You should keep fighting and show persistence in winning over your child.


Parental alienation is one of the most terrible things coming out of divorce. It is even more dangerous as the situation involves the child in the middle. It can be mentally drowning for the kid. Therefore, it is a must to end the conflict as soon as possible and let the court order a decision.

If you are going through the same in your life, these 4 tips to fight against parental alienation can be of great assistance to you without an ounce of doubt.