4 things to do when stuck in traffic

Long car journeys are often associated with an intense idea of freedom, the desire to set off and rush on a completely unknown adventure with an uncertain outcome, to unknown and hitherto unexplored locations. Just like mobile phones, people now use their cars almost without realising it, as if they were taken for granted, omnipresent and always available to take us wherever we want to go. Some of us spend a good part of our day in our cars, especially those who have to use them for business trips, to reach one or more customers, or even just to illustrate a certain set of products on behalf of their parent company to as many people as possible. Many people, having to cope with increasing time spent in the car, have set it up as a real office, with all the necessary equipment to participate in video calls, business meetings or remote company meetings. In the current historical conjuncture, cars must be able to provide their users with the same comfort as in the office, with vague references to the comfort and well-being experienced at home.

From this point of view, technological innovations are reaching impressive heights, especially when one considers the growing power of audio and video systems and Bluetooth connections, which can quickly connect the car to any device in our possession. The car can also become an excellent place of entertainment, especially for rear seat passengers, with the possibility of viewing multimedia content projected on a small screen, almost always attached to the driver’s seat or in a corner of the car. When designing the interior of a car, for these reasons, designers are beginning to place more and more emphasis on people’s well-being, but also on the relaxation and entertainment opportunities provided by the latest technological developments.

A problem for millions of people

Despite the obvious comfort of most cars, however, many people are confronted on a daily basis with a widespread and growing problem that is in no way of their own making: traffic. If you have to get up early in the morning to go to work in another city, you almost always find yourself stuck in traffic for half an hour, not knowing what to do, driving at walking pace and often standing still for hours, with nothing to look at but the red lights of the car in front of you.

And yet, with a bit of luck, these hours spent in traffic can turn into real pleasure, especially if you have a clear idea of how to occupy your time. The long minutes spent in traffic are not just for checking emails, completing a few home banking transfers and doing all those tasks that we had left undone. While you are in the car, all alone, you can undoubtedly unleash your creativity and indulge in all those activities that you would never have the courage to do elsewhere. The car radio is an excellent ally in this respect: by searching for a radio station that plays pleasant music, or even by playing music from your own devices, everyone has the opportunity to perform an extraordinary exercise to neutralise morning stress and tension: singing. Do not be afraid of being observed by other drivers: those moments are yours alone, and should not be spoiled by anyone. Leave no room for intrusions, concentrate only on yourself. The more daring may even try to meditate, squinting for a few moments and concentrating on breathing, on the present moment, cleansing the mind of all superfluous thoughts.

Fun experiences

Another excellent way to make the most of your time spent in traffic is to play games: we’re not just talking about classic video games for your smartphone, but all those casino games that can also be experienced online, through portals specializing in online gambling. One type of game that is particularly rewarding from this point of view is the one that allows you to take advantage of rich bonuses without having to make a deposit, allowing even the most inexperienced players to immediately experience the intense emotions of the casino, in a simple and completely risk-free way. The mobile games on the platforms can be used anywhere, anytime and are undoubtedly a great way to discover more about yourself through the thrill of fun.

At the end of the day, when you have managed to fill every single moment, even those spent in traffic, a delicious feeling of fulfilment will spread throughout your body, giving you the impression that you have spent one of the richest and most exciting days of your life.