4 Styles Of Pallets; Which Should You go For?

Presently, the average cost of a pallet is $120. But while you may already have a budget, here are the 4 types of pallets that you can choose from today depending on your needs whether you’re going for plastic, wooden, paper, or metal. Meanwhile, if you’re based in Chattanooga, you may want to check out this reliable pallet supplier near Chattanooga for great value at your budget.

Solid Deck Pallets

While every one of them may look the same, an up-close look will easily differentiate a solid deck from the rest. Here’s the picture. A solid deck pallet has a one-piece flat upper deck that allows it to be easier to maintain, more security-wise whether used for goods transportation or for warehouse storage, and more aesthetically appealing to customers when used as a display platform. The only snag with a solid deck, however, is that it is more expensive to repair when damaged but hardly gets damaged compared to its counterparts.  You may also consider talking to trusted Crate Suppliers to get the best product possible for your business.

Stringer Pallets

Pallets in this design category are identified with decks supported by stringers. There are two basic types of stringer pallets namely; two-way and four-way stringers. The two-way design has two decks held together with multiple stingers spaced at intervals while the four-way stringer pallets have four decks. Either way, the stringer pallet design allows easy entry of forklift and they are more enduring to heavyweight, with thanks to the stringer supports.

Block Pallets

Just as the name suggests, block pallets are characterized by decks that are made by joining blocks of materials together, whether wood by nails or plastic by molting or metal by welding. These blocks of joined materials usually number up to 4 or 12 for stability and strength. While this design is easier and less expensive to repair maintaining them is work. But most specifically, bock pallets are adopted in cargo shipping whenever there’s the need to ship heavy goods. Another great side to the block design is the possibility to forklift them either on two sides or four side-fork-lifting, even if you need a forklift starter before you start.

Double-Face Pallets

Generally speaking, pallets are usually single-faced or double-faced. The double-faced pallets feature two distinct decks, one at the top and the other at the bottom, that are joined together. One thing to note, however, is the reversibility and irreversibility of the double-aced pallets. While you can use either side of a reversible double-faced pallet, the irreversible one provides only one loading platform. With the reversible one, you can always flip to the other side when an initial side breaks or faults out.


Which Should You Go For?

Before deciding on pallet design, here are the factors to be considered.

  • Budget; solid decks are the most expensive whilst single-faced or irreversible double-faced are more cost-effective.

  • Durability; with regards to the weight of the goods to be stored or shipped, your pallet of choice must provide the needed support.