4 Signs of Great AC Repair Service

Literally millions of homes and workplaces worldwide depend on their air conditioning units in order to function comfortably. In many cases, they are the most expensive asset within the home. When the equipment is installed, one cannot simply switch it on and ignore it. There are basic maintenance tasks that people need to do. If these are missed the units can struggle to function, and this will prematurely age the equipment.

Even when the air conditioning unit has been faithfully maintained and serviced, issues can still occur. Anyone who is unable to fix them will need to employ an ac installation contractor’s help. But how can we know if the visit was successful once the technician has gone? Let’s have a look at the four positive indicators that will tell you that, indeed, air conditioning Redland Bay repair experts, are the right person to choose for any AC servicing and repair jobs.

A Reputable Firm Was Contacted

The internet can be a great guide to help us when choosing professional help. When looking at these servicing packages it was comforting to see that there were itemised costs for such things as a standard service or chemical wash. This reduces the chances of receiving an unexpectedly high bill. Many similar websites feature customer reviews, and these can be a great indication of the level of service that will be experienced.

If the company provides a wide range of services from installation to repairs, there is a greater chance that the technicians have a good all round knowledge. Any company that sends someone round quickly will also be appreciated.

Checks Were Made Outside

A good repair person will not be in a hurry to leave. They will want to check the entire unit and then troubleshoot the problem.

The repair man should have gone outside at some stage. This would be to check the coil, to ensure the unit isn’t overheating. Coils can get damaged or frozen. If air had not been correctly expelled from the unit, the condenser coil would need cleaning. This could be done by removing it and hosing it down. The professional may have used special chemicals if the item needed deep cleaning.

The technician will also have looked at the compressor, the wiring, the fan motor and blades. They would also check the refrigerant level to ensure a stable temperature was being supplied by the unit. If the refrigerant levels were too low, it would either mean the unit was supplied in a faulty state or there was a leak (or leaks) that must be located. If the technician discovered a water leak they should also have checked there was not a gas leak.

Checks Were Made Inside

A good technician would be checking the mechanical parts and the electrical connections indoors. If the air flow seemed limited, the first place the professional would check was the air filter. Unit owners should be replacing these as often as recommended in the product instructions. This could be between once a month and once a quarter. If there are dogs with dander or the unit is being kept on day and night, the filter may need checking even more often.

If the unit had water drainage issues the workman should have been checking for blockages. When these occur, the water will not be expelled from the unit, but will be redirected back into the appliance. This would explain any damp that had created outbreaks of fungi, mildew or mold. The technician should have easily been able to fix any damaged pans. If there was a slight amount of water being released behind the AC unit, the technician may have correctly advised that this is normal for even well maintained appliances.

A Full Report Was Received at the End

If the repair man simply asked for some money and disappeared, that would be a cause for concern. If there had been a leak, he should have switched the unit back on and let it run for thirty minutes to check it was now functioning correctly.

Technicians should generally finish their work within a day, and also produce a full report for the customer to keep. This will itemise the repairs made and the costs incurred. The F-Gas register should also be updated to reflect this recent activity.

Hopefully the price was reasonable. Nobody wants an engineer who replaces parts for the sake of it, when all they need is a good clean. Worse still would be anyone who recommended the unit was replaced before its time.

Services should ideally occur twice a year. If this is what the professional recommended and you are happy with their visit, book them in. A well maintained air conditioning unit will serve the home or workplace at optimum capacity, for as long as it can. Everyone will surely reap the benefits.