4 Myths and Misconceptions about Car Accident Lawsuit Loans

As far as loans for Car Accident Lawsuits are concerned, many people have circulated a number of rumors. These rumors have led to many myths and misconceptions about the loans overall, causing people to come to vary them.

Allow us to debunk 4 of those myths and misconceptions regarding Car Accident Lawsuit Loans in this article.

Myth. 1: The Approval Process is Extremely Difficult & Tiresome

As opposed to traditional and regular loans, getting a loan for your car accident lawsuit does not pose a long and hefty process. You may receive instant approval (even in 24 hours) without a whole lot of documentation and proceedings.

You will only have to meet the eligibility criteria for the funding, and you will be good to go. Loans for car accident lawsuits are entirely different from the loans you may get from a bank. Those types of loans have a long process, which consist of having a strong credit history as well.

You can rest assured that your credit history or employment history will not be taken into account and only the position of your lawsuit may be checked.

Myth. 2: You Can Only Use the Loans for Accident-Related Expenses

Once you receive the funding, it is entirely up to you how you wish to make use of the loan. We do not have any strict rules regarding car accident lawsuit loans, and we understand that you must have several bills to pay and expenses to bear, until you receive your concerned settlement.

Any kind of bills or expenses that are deemed a necessity can be paid through the funding.

Myth. 3: Upfront Charges Will Be Applicable

When it comes to loans for car accident lawsuits, no charges or upfront fees are necessary for obtaining the loan. Any kind of fee that will be applicable will only be charged IF and WHEN you win your settlement. Only some basic information will be required without any hidden costs or application fees.

Myth. 4: Your Debt Will Increase If You Lose Your Case

Unlike a traditional loan, you will not have to pay back your loan if you lose your lawsuit. The purpose of this type of funding is to help you while you struggle to win your settlement.

In an unfortunate event that you end up losing your case, most companies do not ask you to pay back your loan. If you do receive a settlement offer, your attorney can help you in understanding the amount that you will have to pay back.

Obtain the Necessary Funding Today & Win Your Settlement

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