4 FAQs About Expired Listings Postcards!

If you’ve been in the real estate business long enough, then you’ve probably come across houses that just won’t sell.

The home seller comes to your office full of enthusiasm and expectation. You proceed to sign a contract to list their property before marketing the property, optimistic about making a sale. But then the listing period agreed upon lapses, and none of the inquiries was fruitful. The home seller, understandably disappointed, doesn’t renew the contract, and so the listing expires.

When a listing expires, prospective real estate agents start pursuing the homeowner, hoping to land a new listing deal. They will use all kinds of tactics, including the tested and proven expired listings postcards.

Before you kickstart an expired listings postcard marketing to get homeowners to list with you, click here to take a look at these four frequently asked questions:

1. Do Expired Listings Postcards Work?

The biggest question about expired property listings postcards is whether they really bring positive results. The answer is yes.

If you develop a well-thought-out postcard marketing strategy, you can rebuild trust in the seller by addressing their problem in a unique and personal manner. Postcards, in general, have a very high open and read rate, as most Americans collect and go through their mail regularly. So, the chances of you getting your message across are very high.

2. What Should You Put on Your Expired Listing Postcard?

First of all, an expired listing postcard should have basic information such as your name, location, contact information, and certification.

You can also include a photograph of yourself, a short description of what you can do for the recipient, as well as a snippet of houses you’ve just sold to entice the home seller. Remember, postcards are meant to be brief, so choose what you want to include on them very carefully.

3. Can You Make Your Expired Listings Postcard Stand Out?

The truth is, you’ll probably not be the only real estate agent sending a postcard to sellers with expired listings. But you can make your pitch stand out from the pile by employing a couple of strategies, including:

  • Add your company logo and a professional headshot to make the card more personalized
  • Address the recipient by their name to draw their attention
  • Come up with an offer the recipient cannot resist
  • Emphasis on free consultation (if you offer it)
  • Make sure your postcard is brightly colored and of high-quality

4. Are Listing Postcards Better Than Online Methods?

Believe it or not, direct mail has a more than 700% better response rate than email. It is also much more personalized than social media and other digital ads.

Moreover, while most people will scroll through digital ads without much thought, they are more likely to pay attention when sorting through their mail. So, yes, postcards can definitely deliver better results than online methods when it comes to real estate marketing.

Market Your Agency with Expired Listing Postcard and Make it Count

Postcards can be very effective in getting expired listings to sign up with you. They offer room for personalization and are guaranteed to reach the intended recipient. However, creating a quick, generic postcard won’t give you the results you want.

Make every card count by putting in a bit more effort to get the results you want.