4 Characteristics of a Great Student-Athlete

Many people grow up playing sports and enjoying the game for the competitive spirit. This is a fun way for communities to come together or for kids to understand the values of sportsmanship and a sense of play. Of course, some people enjoy sports so much and have a great talent that they can actually turn the love of the game into a true career. One of the first steps on this journey is to become a student-athlete.

If you are in high school, you may be looking for opportunities to play your favorite sport in college. You may even have the chance to get great scholarships and eventually go on to the pros. To become a great student-athlete, you first need the talent in your sport and the constant drive to get better. But there are so many other characteristics that you can’t measure as easily. Attitude, perseverance, and drive measure very highly for students trying to make a career in athletics. Here are just four other characteristics that can turn a good student-athlete into a great one.

1. Dedication and Motivation for the Future

If you want to go far with your sport, you need to be fully dedicated to perfecting your skills. No one can bring that motivation but you. Think of top athletes like Serena Williams or Tom Brady. What makes them special is that constant drive to get better and a dedication to every element of their game. Even high schoolers can start showing off their dedication to get into a college athletics program in a number of different ways. For one, you should communicate with an admissions consultant to help you get through the college application process successfully. The best college consultants will help you play to your strengths to get you into the top school for your sport and your academic interests. They can help you get connected with a college coach or help tie your extracurricular activities to your application. Enjoy higher success rates when you show that level of dedication and motivation to craft the best future for yourself on and off the field.

2. Ability to Grow From Failure and Critique

No matter what sport you play, you’re going to have to learn to lose. While every good competitor is always fighting to win, you’re bound to have off days and have to take criticism. The best student-athletes know how to accept critique and learn from their failures. After all, your coaches are there to mentor you and help you get through all the ups and downs of a life in sports. Being able to accept setbacks and learn from them will put you a step ahead.

3. Poise, Passion, and Positivity Under Pressure

Student-athletes can often be put under tremendous pressure. Whether it’s the soccer player having to take the final penalty kick to win the game or a track star that is the anchor in a relay, you’ve got a whole school relying on you to come through. Whether you’re involved in sports school in Bridgewater, NJ, or a D1 school in the SEC, it’s important to maintain poise and positivity, even under pressure. Avoid getting angry or stressed, and let your passion for the game drive you in any circumstances.

4. The Capability to Prioritize and Multitask

When you’re in school and playing sports at a high level, chances are you’ll have a lot on your plate. Great student-athletes know how to prioritize and balance everything they need to get done. You will typically have academic requirements to maintain scholarships, so remember how important your studies are alongside your training schedule. However you have to manage, make sure you have the best tools to get everything done in the best way.